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Developed by Stunlock Studios, V rising is a survival game that begins with a vampire who wakes up after centuries of sleep in an open world with the goal of hunting, surviving, building castles and defeating his enemies.

Like any other role playing game, V rising pits players against deadly villains called V Blood Bosses. Defeating these bosses helps players progress through the game and expands their arsenal by unlocking new vampiric abilities and magical spells to use in the future. One of these V Blood Bosses is Winged Horror. This article covers everything players need to find and beat Winged Horror in V rising.


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Winged Horror location in V Rising

the dreaded v peak rising

The Winged Horror is a level 83 boss in the V rising world. He carries a Soul Shard, making him only the third of his kind. A Soul Shard is a valuable asset with a variety of difficult power ups and can only be obtained by defeating the boss that owns it. As its name implies, Winged Horror has the ability to fly, as well as breathe fire and throw fireballs. The boss’s long health bar combined with the Frost Vortex spell makes him a formidable opponent.

Winged Horror resides atop Dreaded Peak, a mountain located on the eastern edge of the Farbane Woods. Since the top of the mountain presents little to no shadow, it is recommended to attack the boss at night to avoid sunlight. The Winged Horror will be indicated by a white pillar on the map, a universal symbol for all Soul Shard Bosses. However, this tracking only works if the player has created the Eye of Twilight, a crucial item for locating bosses in V rising.

previous requirements

bat shape v ascending

  • The Winged Horror lives on top of Dreaded Peak, an area that can only be accessed by flying in bat form. This form can only be acquired by killing Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer, a level 76 boss in V rising.
  • Since Winged Horror is one of the final bosses, it is recommended to reach a minimum gear level of 76 before setting foot in Winged Horror’s lair. Equipment level is a measure of the overall strength of the weapons and equipment wielded by the character.

Weapons and Equipment

best spells for winged horror v rise

  • Since the main goal during the fight is to maintain a significant distance from the boss, it would be better to go for a long-range weapon like a blood pistol or crossbow.
  • The recommended spells for this fight are Veil of Chaos, Power Surge, Chaos Volley, and Heart Strike.
  • The ideal blood types for this fight are Scholar Blood and Brute Blood.
  • As a precaution, players can carry some potions to heal and increase abilities, such as the Blood Rose Potion and the Witch Potion.

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Winged Horror Attacks

wing horror chaos attack v rising

Winged Horror has two very different debuffs, one is the Chaos attack which deals fire damage, and the second is the Frost Attack which involves icicles from Crystal Lance, causing the player to slow down.

Fire breath

Winged Horror can unleash fiery breath on his opponent, dealing heavy burning damage. The breath of fire can also char the ground, making it impossible for players to walk on it without taking damage.

chaos orbs

Chaos Orbs are one of the deadliest tools of the Winged Horror. Coming in pairs, these orbs cause a five minute fire debuff.

spinning attack

Alternatively, the boss can start spinning and throwing icicles around it, making it difficult for the player to dodge.

Frost Vortex

The Winged Horror’s special magical ability is to cause an icy snowstorm, which causes the ice debuff for the player.

The best strategies to defeat the winged horror

winged horror haunting vampire v rise

  • Stay away from the boss at all times to avoid his signature tail whip attack. Use the long range weapons that are best suited for this fight.
  • Patience is the key to success against Winged Horror. He tries to survive longer in the arena by dodging all the attacks.
  • Getting close to the icicles can nullify the burning effects of the fireballs, but keep in mind that it will slow the player down.
  • Power Surge is a great defensive spell that reverses both fire and ice and acts as a shield. In addition, it also increases movement and attack speed.
  • It would be a good idea to use Veil of Chaos, a travel spell that makes it easier for the player to move quickly around the arena. It is useful both in attack and defense.
  • After holding off the boss long enough, use Heart Strike to dash forward and hit the boss, dealing 150% magic damage. Chaos Volley can also serve as a strong offensive spell to deal burn damage to the boss.


how to get soul fragment v rise

Defeating the Winged Horror will unlock the following rewards:

  • Winged Horror Soul Fragment
  • Frost Vortex Spell

Soul Shard of the Winged Horror, when acquired, can grant players a 2 hour buff of +50 Fire Resistance, +50 Silver Resistance, +10 Spell Power, and +5% Cast Rate. critical hit with spells. After picking it up, players must take it back to their castle. Frost Vortex, on the other hand, is a magical ability to create freezing storms. He is originally possessed by the Winged Horror, and killing him transfers him to the players.

V rising is available on PC.