How to find all orange pebbles

Disney Valley of Dreams Light is a cozy life simulator that takes place in a magical valley where many iconic Disney and Pixar characters live in harmony. The game offers players plenty of activities to keep them busy for hours. Not only can they treat the villagers with delicious recipes, but they can also find various items to complete exciting quests. Orange Pebbles is one such item.

Players will need Orange Pebbles to complete the secret mission Orange Potato and make a mystery potion in Disney Valley of Dreams Light. There are 20 orange pebbles scattered across various kingdoms in disney’s Valley Of Light Dreams, And unsurprisingly, collecting them all can be challenging and time consuming. This location guide will help players find Orange Pebbles in Disney’s Valley of Light Dreams.


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All Orange Pebble Locations at Disney Dreamlight Valley

where to find orange pebbles disney valley of dreamlight

Before you start the journey, make sure to equip the Shadow Lenses, as they help spot these pebbles.

Dream castle: 3 pebbles

dream castle orange pebble location disney valley of dreamlight

Once players have unlocked and equipped the Shadow Lenses, they can head to the Castle of Dreams. After entering, players can turn left to find the first Orange Pebble near the pillar. The second one is located on the third floor behind the giant stone pillar, while the third one is near the potted plant on the top floor.

Mickey’s Secret Room in Dream Castle: 3 Pebbles

orange pebble in mickey disney's secret room valley of dreamlight

Also in Dream Castle, players will find three Orange Pebbles in Mickey’s secret room. The first pebble is found immediately to the left of the door near the green sofa. Another is between the bookshelves. To get the third one, place the Conspicuous Book on the shelf to open the secret room, where it will be found next to the barrels.

Ratatouille Kingdom: 1 Pebble

valley of dreamlight kingdom remy orange pebble

There is only one pebble in this kingdom, which is found by the peanut cart in Remy’s kitchen.

Moana’s Kingdom: 4 pebbles

valley of dreamlight moana kingdom pebble orange

The first Orange Pebble is behind the area where players spawn near the edge of the sandbar. The second can be found near the campfire. The third one is behind the rocks near a banana tree, while the last one is under the leaning palm tree on the hill.

WALL-E’s Kingdom: 2 Pebbles

valley of dreamlight wall-e kingdom orange pebble location

The first Orange Pebble in WALL-E’s Realm can be found sitting near the crafting station. The second is under the stone slab near the tree that players planted as part of the WALL-E quest.

Frozen Kingdom: 3 pebbles

orange pebbles location in the frozen kingdom of the valley of dreamlight

The first Orange Pebble is behind the second stone pillar (from right to left). The second is located behind the rocks in the forest. To get the last one, players will need to cross Elsa’s bridge and head to the exit area, where she will be found lying on the ground.

Toy Story Kingdom: 4 Pebbles

valley of dreamlight toy story kingdom pebble orange

Once players have entered the Toy Story kingdom, they can turn left to find the first pebble near a large backpack. The second can be found under the picture of the penguin in the closet. To get the third pebble, look to the right of the blanket on the floor of the room, and it will be next to the blue book.

Disney Valley of Dreams Light is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.