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If you take your time to explore the game world where Forspoken takes place, you might find some hidden surprises. In fact, there are four secret bosses known as Abominations, these are the toughest enemies in the game, and on this page, we explain how to find them and the loot they drop.

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General Tips for Abominations

While every Abomination encounter will be different, there are some general tips you can follow to make the task easier. For example, you should:

  • Scan all the bell towers you find. Bell towers not only provide a closer fast travel point to the enemy, but you’ll also be able to better see what points of interest are around you. If the bell tower is close enough to the Abomination, its location will appear on the map after the scan.
  • Use your 3D maps. Some of the Abomination’s locations are quite hidden on the map, so by zooming in to activate the 3D effect, you’ll be able to better see which way to go to get where you want to go. This way you won’t waste time climbing an unclimbable mountain when you can just move left or right and find a better path.
  • Save before each encounter. Getting to the monster can be quite a journey. By saving before the encounter, you secure a save file where you are closest to the enemy so that you are not teleported to the last save location quickly if you die.

How to find all abominations

Abominations are marked on your map with the symbol shown below.

There are four in all, one in each of Athia’s four territories. Since these enemies are some of the toughest in the game, we recommend that you finish the main story and get a good handle on your powers before attempting to find all of the Abominations. However, here is how to find them.

How to find gigabytes

  • Location: Praenost
  • Weakness: the magic of waves

Gigas is in Praenost, in an area known as Mount Garrison. To get there, you’ll first need to get to Pioneer’s Plain (which is the area where Preaneost Castle is located). The easiest way is to fast travel to the Praenost Castle Town Shelter, which you’d most like to have visited by now if you’ve completed the main story.

From the shelter, go left where you will find a door that you can use to exit the area. Stop by and then scan the bell tower right in front of you to get a better idea of ​​what points of interest are in the area.

You will now be at Mount Garrison, so head west (around the mountain) to reach the location below and find Gigas.


Once you get there, approach the monster and hit it with Waves Magic, which is the only type of magic Gigas is weak to. You will automatically unlock Magic Waves by completing Chapter 11 of the main story.

After defeating Gigas, you will get a new nail art called Fatale. With this design, you will find it easier to take down enemies based on the number of spells you have learned.

How to find Deinosuchus

  • Location: avoalet
  • Weakness: frey’s magic

The next Abomination is in Avoalet in an area known as The Mouldering. To get there you have to go first to the Samun Coast. The easiest way to fast travel to the Samun coast is Western Refuge.

From the shelter, go left and climb up the rocks until you reach the lake shown below.

From there, go to the left side of the lake, where you will find a wall that you can climb using Zip on the yellow rocks.

Once you are at the top of the mountain drop back into the lake and cross it using the glide spell to reach the point shown below.

We strongly recommend that you scan the bell tower found in the area to get a better idea of ​​your surroundings.

You are approaching the location of Deinosuchus. You can see exactly where this enemy is on the map below. As you can see, you can’t go in a straight line. Instead, you need to go left to go up the hill and then back down to reach Deinosuchus.


Once you get there, use Frey’s magic to deal with the monster. This fight will take place in the water, so you better use sliding a lot to move around and avoid the incoming attacks.

Once Deinosuchus is defeated, you will get a nail design called Spectrum. With this, your chances of landing a critical hit will increase based on the number of spells Frey has learned.

How to find amphicinodon

  • Location: Visoria
  • Weakness: the magic of sila

You will be able to find the next Abomination, Amphicynodon, in an area of ​​Visoria known as the South Plateau.

The easiest way is to fast travel to the Visoria Castle City Shelter and exit the area through the door shown below.

You will now be in an area known as Tanta’s Demesne; there, keep moving until you reach Demesne de Tanta Refuge.

From the shelter, place a marker at the location shown below and move there.

When you get to the big gap, just turn right into Homestead Hills. There, go to the Homestead Hills Bell Tower and activate your 3D map. You will notice that you can easily cross the gap just by moving forward on this path.

After reaching the other side, continue to the right until you reach the Refugio de la Meseta Sur. From there it’s only an easy path following the stream shown below (it’s the one near the cave).


At the end of the stream, you will come to The Boneyard, the area where Amphicynodon is found. When you get there, use Sila’s magic to deal with this dragon-like creature.

After defeating Amphicynodon, you will get a nail design called Honor. This piece of equipment increases the damage dealt by Prav spells based on the number of Prav spells learned.

How to find Apsaravis

  • Location: Junoon
  • Weakness: Prav’s magic

The last monster is in Junoon, in an area called Nowhere. To get there, go to an area in Junoon known as The Wolfwoods; From there, search for Depth of Corruption: Junoon and enter the portal.

In this new area, move forward until you reach the Crosstide Coast Shelter, then go right, using the slide to move across the lake.

It will be in an area called Nearcoast Terrace. There, you need to scale one of the two pillars shown below, and then use the teleport spell you get at the end of the game to reach the ledge in front of you. There, use the spell once more to cross the large gap.

Now keep moving forward to reach Farcoast Terrace.

You’ll need to climb your way up, so look out for yellow rocks and mountain edges that you can Zip on. A good tip is to use Zip on flying enemies to get through areas. There is a storm in this area, so don’t try to deal with all the enemies and focus on moving forward as fast as you can.

Another tip is to use Toranas (also known as the teleportation spell) to move to the ledges that are further away from you. Finally, if you have no idea where to move next, look up, the next ledge is likely right above you.


At the end of Farcoast Terrace you will finally find Nowhere and if you keep going you will come to a place called the Ruins of Koshish.

Go there and interact with the chest in the area to fight the Apsaravis using Prav’s Magic.

Once the fight is over, you will get a new nail design called Escalate; this allows you to perform another Killing Strike immediately after the first.

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