How to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 users can perform a reset on the watch itself or through a connected smartphone. Here’s how to perform both types of resets.

Anyone who gives his Samsung galaxy 4 clock to a friend, selling it, or trading it in as part of a trade-in offer for a newer smartwatch, you’ll want to know how to reset your smartwatch. After all, smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch 4 can store vast amounts of the owner’s personal information, including their name, email addresses, data related to their daily activity, and even their location.

Performing a factory reset on the Galaxy Watch 4 deletes all of this sensitive data and restores the watch to its original default settings, greatly reducing the likelihood of any data-related issues later on. When it comes to the Galaxy Watch 4, there is actually more than one way to reset the smartwatch, depending on whether it is reset through the watch or via a connected smartphone.


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To reset the Galaxy Watch 4 through the smartwatch settings menu, open Settings and play General. Then find and select Restart, touch the check mark to confirm and follow the on-screen instructions to reset the smartwatch. To reset the Galaxy Watch 4 using an Android smartphone, open the Galaxy Wearable app on the smartphone connected to the device, touch clock settingsSelect Generalfollowed by Restartand then tap on Restart again. Either of these methods can be used to reset the Galaxy Watch 4 Standard or Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Factory reset Galaxy Watch 4 using reset mode

If someone wants to give away or sell their Galaxy Watch 4 but can’t remember the display PIN, the only option is to recover the smartwatch through the reset menu. To do this, turn off the smartwatch by holding down the Home and Back keys until the watch displays “Restart.” Now, press the Home key several times until the smartwatch shows the Reboot mode menu. Navigate by pressing the Home key until Recovery is selected and hold down the key to start the recovery process. The Galaxy Watch 4 will display another menu where users will need to select factory resetfollowed by Factory data resetand then swipe right to start the process.

Once the watch restarts, the user can swipe right on the screen if they want to restart and sign in again with the same Samsung account linked to the watch before. Although, then they will need to use the first method mentioned above to reset the smartwatch again. Before resetting a Galaxy Watch 4, users should make sure that they have backed up their data so that they can be recovered at a later stage. Users can create a backup through their Samsung account. Once the smartwatch is reset, users may also want to make sure to unpair the galaxy 4 clock via the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone.

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