How to enable voice commands on your PS5

Voice commands and assistants are all the rage these days, and every major tech platform is looking to expand its own voice assistant. Sure enough, PlayStation has come up with its own voice command feature.

The PS5 Voice Command feature is not yet available as a final version, but a preview version has been released for members of the PS5 software beta program. So, this is how you can use voice commands on your PS5.

What is voice command on PS5?

Since PS5 doesn’t natively support third-party voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa, it’s about time PlayStation either added support for them or developed its own voice assistant. It turns out that PlayStation decided on the latter.

Like the Google Assistant on Xbox Series X|S, the PlayStation 5 Voice Command feature allows you to speak into your console to perform simple commands, like launching a game or controlling the media you’re watching.

PS5 voice command is still in the preview stage. This means that you have to join the PS5 software beta program to access this feature as it is not yet available to the public. PS5 voice command currently only understands and speaks British and US English.

With Voice Command enabled, you can simply speak into your headset or the DualSense controller’s microphone to get things done on your PS5 without touching a button.

How to enable and use voice command on PS5

You can enable Voice Command for your PS5 through the settings page. You can also activate the Hello PlayStation! feature to automatically enable voice commands every time you say Hello PlayStation!

  1. Boot up your PS5 and go to the Settings page.
  2. Scroll down and select Voice command (preview).
  3. Lever Enable voice command.

Once you enable Voice Command on PS5, you’ll be shown a splash screen explaining the feature. Select Enable to finalize your decision. You will see a short guide on how to use Voice Command on PS5. Select I understand, and everything is ready!

By default, once you enable the Voice Command feature, PlayStation will also enable Hey Playstation! function for you. This feature puts the controller’s headset or microphone into standby mode so that it wakes up whenever you say Hello PlayStation!

You can also change the speed and volume of speech for the voice command narrator in settings. The voice command times out after four seconds of inactivity, but you can also change this to your preferred duration from within settings.

With these features enabled, you can simply go ahead and say something like Hello PlayStation! Open Apex Legends. Once Voice Command registers your voice, it will do what you say.

However, your PS5 must be turned on and signed in to PlayStation Network for your voice commands to work.

All PS5 voice commands

Since the Voice Command feature is still a preview, there are not many commands available for it yet. To use PS5 voice command, all you need to do is say Hello PlayStation! and then say one of the commands below.

Function Domain
Find an app or game on PlayStation Store or in your library. Find [Name]
Open a game or app on your PlayStation. Open [Name]
Pause the media. Pause
Resume media. Resume
Rewind media. Rewind
Media fast forward. fast forward
Skip to the next medium. next
Go back to the previous medium. Previous
Exit voice command. Cancel

Get vocal with your console

PS5 voice command can save you time by allowing you to take a shortcut to the game you want in the PlayStation store or on your console. You can also control the show you’re watching on Netflix by simply asking your PS5 to pause or resume it. No need to grab the controller anymore.

PS5 voice command is still in preview, so the attached commands are pretty limited. However, rest assured that PlayStation will not let such a feature go dormant and will add more commands as Sony develops it further.

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