How to enable power saving mode in Opera to save power

There’s a pretty cool feature in Opera that helps preserve battery life when browsing the desktop app. Thanks to Opera’s battery saving mode, you can now browse up to 50 percent more than usual.

Here, you’ll learn more about Opera’s battery saver mode, how it works, and how to enable and manage it on your laptop to extend battery life when you’re unplugged from the power outlet.

How does battery saver mode work in Opera?

Opera announced the battery saver feature along with features like ad blocker, VPN, stick protection, currency and unit converters, and time zone converter. Follow the steps in Chrome’s Power Saver mode, which also helps extend battery life.

The first time you unplug your laptop, you’ll see a battery saver icon next to the search field and address bar in Opera. You’ll also see a tip asking you to save battery and browse longer.

Once you agree and accept the notice, battery saver mode will automatically activate whenever you unplug your laptop while browsing.

Opera’s battery saver works best when it also blocks ads.

According to Opera, battery saver mode works by reducing background activity, pausing plugins and animations, rescheduling JavaScript timers, and adjusting video playback parameters.

How to enable battery saving mode in Opera

To use battery saver mode, first make sure Opera is up to date with the latest software. Updating your browser also brings it up to date with the latest improvements and security features. You can update it just like other Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

To check if Opera is up to date, click the Opera logo in the upper left corner of the browser, select Update and Recoverywait for the update to automatically download and install, then click relaunch now.

Upon restart, unplug your laptop, watch for a battery icon next to the search and address field, and click the Save battery and browse longer tip when requested. This will activate battery saver mode every time you are offline, going forward.

If you don’t want battery saver mode to automatically turn on every time you unplug, just click the battery icon and turn the switch off. You may want to do this if you are playing video games online. Don’t worry, you can always turn it back on.

Battery saver icon with toggle switch inside dialog

To re-enable battery saver mode at any time, simply click the battery icon and turn the switch on. Opera will also estimate and display how much time you have left on your battery.

How to manage battery saving mode in Opera

Opera also allows you to manage battery saving through its settings. To do so, click settings (the gear icon in the bottom left corner), scroll down, click Advancedthen scroll down again to the Battery saving section.

Opera Settings showing Advanced Settings option

Here, you can also disable Battery Saver by turning off the Enable battery saver change.

You can also determine when battery saver mode should be activated by clicking the Save battery automatically dropdown button and selecting from the list of available options.

Battery saving mode setting showing dropdown menu

You can also decide whether to allow the battery icon to be displayed on the toolbar using the Always show the battery icon in the toolbar toggle switch.

Browse longer with Opera’s battery saving mode

If you use Opera as your primary browser, battery saver mode can let you browse up to 50 percent longer, according to Opera. This can increase your productivity levels, especially in regions or countries with constant power outages.

And if you’re looking for an alternative browser, Opera’s battery saving mode (along with ChatGPT and ChatSonic integrations, among others) might be all the more reason to give it a try.