How to Dual Boot Linux and Windows 11

Taking your first steps in the world of Linux can be a scary proposition. After all, we have a whole new world of terminal commands, desktop environments and applications to learn. Fortunately, Linux installation has improved by leaps and bounds from the early text-based installers used in the late 1990s (Debian and Slackware) to graphical installers in the early 2000s (Corel Linux, Mandrake) . Since the 2010s, we’ve seen better graphical installers that provide peace of mind as we test Linux.

The first steps in Linux are divided into two paths. A single board computer like the raspberry pi. Or, more traditionally, a dual-boot setup, where Windows and Linux are installed on the same machine, often on the same boot drive. Using a custom boot menu, GRUB, we can choose between the two operating systems when we turn on our PC.

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