How to download videos from Instagram, the best ways

Instagram users can upload not only photos but also videos. You can also download it through a IG mp4 downloader. This is the easiest way to download videos on IG without an app. Downloading videos that are on social networks like Instagram is actually not difficult. As a user, you have many ways to save Instagram videos.

Basically, Instagram does not offer a feature to save photos, stories or videos. The solution is that you can save Instagram photos, videos and stories to your phone or PC using a downloader or Story Saver.

Instagram video downloaders can save videos anonymously. You can use it to download an unlimited number of videos, photos, and story savers.

Users can choose to use the downloaders to save any Instagram media. They are usually available in the form of applications or websites. Apps will be more suitable if you need practicality. Websites are preferable if you only download the videos only a few times.

How to download videos from Instagram, the best ways

Now it’s time to tell you about the best methods to download Instagram videos. As mentioned above, there are several options to use here, so choose the one you think is the best.

Download Instagram videos with step by

  1. Copy the link to the Instagram video you want to download
  2. Open the SaveFrom site at
  3. Paste the link or video link you copied earlier into the column provided under SaveFrom.
  4. Click “Download” and wait for the desired Instagram video file to appear.
  5. If the file already appears, click “Download MP4”.
  6. The video, IGTV or Instagram Reels you want will be downloaded automatically.
  7. Feed uploads with more than 1 video will take longer to download. This is why you need to be patient when downloading feeds that contain more than one video.

Download Instagram videos with SnapInsta.

  1. First, copy the link of the desired video, IGTV, Reels or Instagram Story.
  2. Go to the SnapInsta site at
  3. Select the type of file to download, such as video, photo, reels, stories, and IGTV.
  4. Paste the link of the video copied above in the column provided.
  5. Then click “Download” and wait for the video file option to appear.
  6. If it appears, click “Download Video” and the Instagram video will be downloaded automatically.
  7. If you want to download again, click “Download More”. You will be redirected to the main page of the site to download the desired Instagram video again.

Download Instagram Videos with iGram

  1. First, copy the link or URL of the Instagram video to be downloaded.
  2. Then open the iGram site at
  3. Paste or paste the link copied above in the column provided.
  4. Then click “Download” and wait for the Instagram video file to appear.
  5. If it appears, click “Download .mp4”. The Instagram video of your choice will be downloaded automatically.

When downloading videos, IGTV, or Instagram Reels through the above three sites, a pop-up ad will appear when you click on those sites. You can close the popup if you find it annoying while downloading Instagram videos on SaveFrom, iGram and SnapInsta.

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