How to download new stickers for Whatsapp

For a long time, WhatsApp has become the means of communication between millions of people, evolving over the years. First it was all the text messages, then came the emojis, then the voice messages, the videos, the calls, the video calls, etc.

Among all these novelties, something that was very different and loved by users and is currently one of the most attractive things are the stickers.

They are drawings or illustrations, although sometimes they are photos, that can be added to WhatsApp conversations and other messaging applications. It is clear that its intention is to convey an emotion, but make it clearer than an emoji.

Some of them are really original, since famous people can be seen and even adapted to reveal themselves or their friends, and thus give more personality and packaging to the emotions they express. to give.

What is clear is that stickers offer a versatility that we did not have with emoji and now they allow us to express ourselves in a much more visual and different way.

Officially download more stickers

As you surely know, because you have seen it in the application, in WhatsApp we already have reinstalled and official stickers. What you may not know is that from the application itself you can download more to complete and expand the possibilities regarding this type of stickers.

In order to download more stickers for WhatsApp from the application itself, you must do the following:

  • we open whatsapp How is normal?
  • Now it doesn’t matter if we go to a discussion or a group.
  • When you’re about to compose a message, you’ll see an emoji to the left of where you can type smiley faceYou have to press it.
  • Once inside, in the options that appear at the top, you must click on the option that appears on the far right, that is stickers,
  • When you’re inside them, you’ll see + symbol At the top right, which must be pressed.
  • Once pressed you will enter the list of official stickers that you can download.
  • When you find one you like, all you have to do is click green Arrow Which is inside a circle of the same color.
  • Then you will see how it begins to download, then to arrive a green clickIt shows that it has already been downloaded.
  • If we go back, we will see how they already appear in our list of stickers for WhatsApp, so we can use them whenever we want and in a chat or group.

Application to have more stickers

There are some apps that you can use to apply more stickers than official WhatsApp stickers.

That is why we are going to leave you with a series that gives the best results of all those that we can find in the Google Play Store.

Sticker cloud and sticker maker

Sticker Cloud and Sticker Maker is an app with more than 100 packages To install stickers, which you can use whenever you want.

This is an app that distributed categories Like video games, anime, memes, pets and animals, celebrities, series and movies, among others, with a powerful search engine that helps us a lot to find the best stickers.

WASticker: emoji stickers

for everyone who likes apple stickersBut you have an android phone, you can always use WASticker: Emoji Stickers to put them on your phone.

In this app we can find stickers, but emoticons too, typical of Apple devices, but to be able to use it on our Android. All we have to do is find the one we want, click on it and send them to the messaging app,

We have a wide catalog with many options for you to choose the one you like best.

If you have an iPhone, you will love this app as it allows you to create your own stickersIn addition to being able to access more than 500 million Already created by other users. Currently, there is also an Android version.

Drink powerful search engine Where you will find practically any sticker you want, in addition to being distributed by different categories.

One of the most recommended aspects of is that it is not limited to WhatsApp, since you can also transfer these stickers to other messaging applications and even for other type of applicationBecause it is compatible with many others.

sticker pack

There are also a good number of packages in the Google Play Store, Apple Store and other places where we can download complete sticker collection,

They are configured as if they were traditional applications, but what is actually inside them are several collections of stickers, distributed by packs or categories, for massive downloads of the same theme.

  • PTKDev Stickers for WA: for android
  • Sticker Memes Superhero WAstickerapps: for android
  • 3D emoji stickers: for android
  • WhatsApp Stickers – Halloween: for android
  • Pack of 10 stickers for WA: for android
  • Stickers of Meme Phrases in Spanish: for android
  • Pack of 10 stickers: for android
  • New cat meme stickers: for android
  • Bigmoji – Stickers for WhatsApp: for android
  • personal stickers: for android
  • KPOP Sticker Pack: for android
  • Benzema: for android
  • Best Studio Maker memes: for iOS
  • Personal Sticker Maker: for iOS
  • Sticker maker for WhatsApp!: for iOS
  • animal stickers: for iOS
  • elite emoji: for iOS
  • Emojidome emoticons and smileys: for iOS

With everything that we have told you and taught you, you will be able to put stickers so big on your smartphone that you will be able to express everything you want.

They are very easy to download, since some are real applications and others are installed in the same way, although they are actually sticker packs.

You can tell us what you liked the most about all of them on our social networks and that way we will know your opinion, which is very important to us.

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