How to download, new benchmarks and more

A new ASUS ROG Ally software update has resolved all the performance issues the new handheld console was facing with low voltages. The device was losing out to the Steam Deck even though it had much more powerful hardware under its hood. Fortunately, a software glitch prevented the games from using the hardware included with the console. After the update, the Ally can now easily outperform all other wearables on the market, including the Ayaneo.

The new driver was released a couple of days ago. It offers up to 20% more performance depending on the game in which it is being tested. All ASUS ROG Ally users can now update their devices to enjoy the latest software additions and performance improvements.

This article will show you how to update your handheld software and how the ASUS ROG Ally fares in gaming now.

How to download ASUS ROG Ally firmware update

The Content tab in the Armory Crate software (Image via The Phawx/YouTube)

Follow these steps to update your ROG Ally handheld:

Step 1. ROG Ally software updates are delivered via the Armory Crate software. Launch the utility and go to the Content tab.

Step 2. From here, click Update Center. This will open a new window.

The latest update allows you to adjust the amount of RAM preallocated for the GPU. (This is easier than doing it manually through the BIOS) #ROGALLY

Step 3. Click Check for updates. If your device has not been updated to the latest version, pending downloads will appear here.

Stage 4. Just click Update All. This will download and install the latest drivers on the ROG Ally.

Step 5. Restart your handheld once the updates are complete.

ASUS ROG Ally Firmware Update Comparison and Performance

With the new updates installed, ROG Ally is now officially the fastest handheld console on the planet. This makes sense, given that it packs the beefiest hardware of all: a Zen 4-based Ryzen Z1 Extreme octa-core APU. The device also runs RDNA 3 graphics, the same technology inside the Radeon 7000 GPUs.

Old ROG Ally performance benchmarks at 15 W (Image via Dave 2D/YouTube)

Despite packing such high-end hardware, the ROG Ally was performing pretty poorly in gaming. The handheld was losing out to the much weaker Steam Deck, a device that comes with a quad-core Zen 2-based CPU and an RDNA 2-powered GPU.

This didn’t make any sense. The only reason anyone could think of was bad software optimizations. That turned out to be correct, as the latest software update boosted Ally’s performance to levels never seen before.

Below are reference graphics made by YouTuber Dave 2D. At 25 W, the ROG Ally performs much better than the Steam Deck and Ayaneo 2S. The update still doesn’t utilize the underlying hardware to its fullest, and we believe further optimizations will further push the handheld console forward.

The ROG Ally’s new performance benchmarks (Image via Dave 2D/YouTube)

The latest update has been well received by ASUS ROG Ally users. In addition to performance improvements, the company also introduced some quality of life additions to the Armory Crate software, such as memory allocation that smoothes out the experience.