How to download iOS 17 Beta and install it on your iPhone?

Apple is going to announce its new operating system for its iPhones – iOS 17. The latest version of iOS is expected to bring some design improvements and some software tweaks. The release is scheduled for June 5 during WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference).

No more iOS 17 beta profile downloads required

Apple introduced a new “Beta Updates” menu in the Settings app, starting with iOS 16.4. If you have to get there, go to General, then Software Update, and you’ll find a dedicated menu that says “Beta Updates.” This helps the Apple Developer Program to install beta versions of iOS directly on an iPhone. Ultimately, this tweak will reduce the time you have to get to the Apple developer website to install a configuration profile.

In order for the new menu (Beta Updates) to appear in the Settings app, a user’s iPhone must be signed in with the same Apple ID they used to enroll in the Apple Developer Program. The company had clearly said that the new change in the program (new menu) is the only way to install the developer betas, since the profiles will be closed.

iPhone users who are not enrolled in the Apple Developer Program cannot use or install Develop Beta for free. We will know more about it after the release of iOS 17 Developer Beta.

To prevent uncertified distribution of beta profiles, a website:, closed in august to avoid legal problems with Apple.

beta profile tweet

iOS 17 Public Beta will be available for free

To avoid the $99 annual fee for Apple’s Developer Program, iPhone users should wait for the public beta of iOS 17 after the successful launch of the Developer Beta. The public beta version is expected to be released in July. Fortunately, there is no charge for the public beta, unlike the developer beta. iOS users can sign up for the Public Beta Software Program.

Steps to Download and Install iOS 17 Developer Beta

Apple first releases the latest iOS update to developers, followed by the public beta a few weeks later. If you want to try the latest iOS 17 software, follow the step-by-step installation guide on your iPhone. However, as we have discussed, you must join the Apple Developer Program; it will cost you $99 per year.

  • Sign up for the Apple Developer Program by clicking
  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Go to General and then Software Update.
  • In the Newly Added Beta Updates section, select iOS Developer Beta.

If users are willing to opt for the public beta instead of the developer, they can select the iOS public beta in the Software Update section.

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Image showing the iOS 16 beta updates menu

Before iOS 16.4, it was necessary to download and install a beta profile on your device; now, the company will make sure that you have a developer registered with the Apple ID in the Software Update section. Once you proceed with the update, you need to restart your iPhone.

You can also use different Apple IDs for Developer Beta in addition to the regular ID for various iOS jobs. To do so, you need to open Settings, go to General > Software Update > Beta Updates, and select Apple ID at the bottom of the screen.

General security practices to follow before installing iOS 17 beta updates:

The company conducts beta testing of the iOS version or any other updates to ensure that the final product is accurate and finished. Beta updates do not include all features expected to be released for the final release. However, they are for testing purposes and have glitches here and there. Although the company ensures that the latest version will be free of errors, this is not always the case.

If you continue to test the Beta updates, you will experience some issues and a slow interface. Apps won’t work as they should, software will run unexpectedly, and you’ll face bugs and minor issues here and there. You must ensure that your device is secure before installing any Beta update.

For some users, the beta update bricks the device, and the next beta update is the only expected solution that you should look for. After installing the beta updates, you may experience battery drain issues, slow experiences, and various random brightness.

To avoid such incidents with your iPhone, we suggest that you back up your important data before installing a Beta update. However, a better step is to install iOS Betas on a secondary device instead of your primary iPhone to avoid such issues. A common practice before installing Betas, whether Developer or Public, is to plan accordingly to address expected upcoming issues.

iOS 17 Eligible Devices (Expected):

iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X may not be eligible for the update. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus received the latest major update with iOS 16. The list mentioned below provides the confirmed list of iPhones that are expected to receive iOS 17:

What are your expectations of iOS 17? What is your take on the company’s annual plan for Developer Beta updates? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Please stay tuned; we will update the article with detailed steps and screenshots once we have installed it on our iPhone.