How to download and play Minecraft Aether mod (2023)

In the early days of Minecraft, players often discussed what a counterpart to the Nether dimension would look like. Soon after, dedicated modders in the community introduced the Aether mod, which brought a new portal recipe that could take players into the cloud-browsing realm of the Aether. Over a decade later, the mod has only grown and improved as it remains in active development.

Even as of Minecraft 1.19, players continue to download and play the Aether mod, which is a testament to how popular it has been since the game’s beta days. Even better, downloading and installing the mod is pretty straightforward and easy to do if you use a mod loader.

For Minecraft fans who have installed the supported mod loader (Forge), it doesn’t hurt to explore how to install and play the mod.

How to install and play the Aether mod for Minecraft via Forge

Thanks to the advent of popular mod loaders for Minecraft, you won’t have to worry much about the Aether mod installation process. At the moment, the mod is available for Forge, as the Aether team doesn’t seem to have created a port for Fabric. The good news is that installing Forge can be done with just a few clicks. However, since this is the case, it’s best to address how to install the mod once you have Forge on your device.

Please note that Aether is a mod and not a plugin, which means that the methods for using it will apply to Minecraft: Java Edition.

Installing Aether Mod with Forge:

  1. With Forge installed, head over to the download page for the mod. It can be found on various Minecraft modding sites, including CurseForge and Modrinth. For example, the mod URL in Modrinth would be
  2. Navigate to the featured files/versions page, where you can select the right files for the job.
  3. Select the Aether mod file that corresponds to the version of Forge being used. For example, Forge 1.19.4 is currently the last version of the mod loader that can run this mod.
  4. Download the corresponding file to a location on your device where you can easily find it. Once you hit the download button, you should receive a .jar file for the mod.
  5. Open the Minecraft Launcher and select Java Edition in the game list, then click the facilities tab above the illustration.
  6. You’ll find a list of your facilities on this page, including your modified Forge facilities. To the right of your Forge installation listing, click the folder button, which should open your mods folder.
  7. Move your Aether mod file or cut/paste it into this Forge mods folder.
  8. Go back to the play tab of your launcher, select your Forge installation to the left of the play button, and hit the play button. The mod should be available to use once you dive into the game.

Once you have installed the mod, you can enter the Nether by creating a Nether portal frame. However, instead of using obsidian blocks, you’ll need to build the frame with glowstone blocks. To activate the portal, instead of using a flint and steel, you’ll need to activate the Aether portal by splashing a bucket of water on the inside of the frame. Next, all you need to do is walk through the portal and experience the many sights and dangers of the Aether dimension.

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