How to download and install Visual Studio 2022 Preview on Windows 11 ARM devices

The latest preview of Visual Studio 2022 is now available as a native Arm64 app on Windows 11. This version of Visual Studio natively supports building and debugging Arm64 apps on ARM-based processors and reduces reliance on emulation x86.

In this guide, we will walk you through how to download and install Visual Studio 2022 Preview on Windows 11 on Arm64 devices, such as Surface Pro X or Lenovo ThinkPad x13s.

Arm64 development and workload support

Visual Studio 2022 17.3 preview 2 has the following workloads enabled for developers:

  • Desktop development with C++ (for MSBuild-based projects).
  • .NET desktop development (WinForms, WPF) using the .NET Framework and modern .NET.
  • NET and web development.

These workloads will be generally available in late 2022, and Microsoft needs developer feedback to enable more tools and experiences. See the Visual Studio 2022 roadmap for more information.

Versions of Visual Studio prior to 17.3 Preview 2 can run on ARM via x86 emulation, but some other features are not supported. Running older versions of Visual Studio on devices that use ARM-based processors is not recommended.

Install Visual Studio 2022 Preview

visual studio 2022 preview

These are the prerequisites for downloading and installing Visual Studio 2022 Preview on Arm64 devices.

Once you have met these requirements, you can continue to download and install Visual Studio 2022 17.3 preview 2. There is a single installer for both x64 and Arm64 Visual Studio. Once downloaded, double click on the installer and it will detect your system architecture, download the appropriate version of Visual Studio and install it on your Arm64 device.

For Managed Developers

.NET 6 already has native Arm64 support, and this release extends its native Arm64 support to include the .NET Framework 4.8.1 runtime and SDK support for building managed desktop applications (Windows Forms and WPF) using .NET 6+ and .NET Framework 4.8.1.

For native developers

The MSVC Toolset, which includes the C+_+ compiler, libraries, and runtime, supports Arm64 devices and is constantly working to improve the quality of Arm64-generated code. Visual Studio 2022 Preview provides access to the new native Arm64 MSVC compiler toolset, including C++ code analysis capabilities.


Making your extension Arm64 compliant is relatively easy if you’re familiar with Visual Studio 2022. Leslie Richardson, Program Manager for Visual Studio Extensibility, provides a quick and helpful guide.

If you’re just starting out or thinking about developing Arm64 applications, keep in mind that most of the C++ libraries you already use are natively Arm64 compliant. Vcpkg already runs natively on Arm64, and while some dependent third-party tools will run emulated, you will still be able to compile and use over 600 C++ libraries natively in your Arm64 build environment.

Want to help make Visual Studio 2022 even better on Arm64? Share your feedback with the Visual Studio developer community, report any bugs or issues you find through Report a Problem, and make a suggestion about workloads you want to see in Visual Studio 2022.

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