How to download a web browser on Windows without using another browser

Most Windows users want to install their favorite web browser once they buy a new machine or do a clean install of Windows. Some do not know that they can install the browser of their choice without using another. This tutorial explains how to download a web browser without using a separate browser. These methods are versatile enough to be used with other software as well.

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1. Download via Microsoft Store

One of the improvements to the Microsoft Store is that you can now download other apps. Before that, users could only download UWP apps developed specifically for the Microsoft Store. This change allows you to download most browsers and other software directly from the Microsoft Store. However, Google Chrome is not yet available through the Microsoft Store.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Store.
  2. Search for the desired browser using the search bar, or type “Browser” to see the available options.
Search for browsers in the Microsoft Store.
  1. After selecting the browser you want to download, click “Install.”
clicking on "Install" button for browser app in Microsoft Store.
  1. The browser will begin to download and install.
  1. The app will appear in the Start menu, but it may not appear instantly. In this case, just press Gain + S and look for it.
By clicking the browser icon in the Start menu.

2. Use Winget

Winget is a complete package manager that allows you to download or update any application by typing one easy command, Linux-style. Follow these steps to use Winget to install a browser.

  1. Open Windows Search and type “cmd”. Don’t forget to click “Run as administrator” to get all privileges.
Typing "cmd" in Windows Search.
  1. In the new window, type winget followed by install. Add the software name as below (developer name first, then software name).
winget install Google.Chrome
winget install Mozilla.Firefox
winget install Opera.Opera
winget install Brave.Brave
winget install VivaldiTechnologies.Vivaldi
Installing Google Chrome with winget.

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3. Use Chocolate

Chocolatey is an alternative to Winget. Use it to download and update your applications and access different software packages available in your library.

  1. Install Chocolatey using PowerShell.
  1. Write choco install [software name]. Be sure to replace [software name] with the browser you want to install. Finally, press Get into.
Installing Chrome using Chocolatey.
  1. Commands for some of the most popular browsers are listed below:
choco install googlechrome

4. With Microsoft HTML Help

If you want to download a browser for Windows and don’t want to use Winget or go through the Microsoft Store, you can try Microsoft HTML Help, an executable program that works similar to a browser and is built into any version of Windows. Microsoft developed HTML Help to display the content of help pages. However, once help pages started opening directly in Edge, HTML Help became obsolete. Even so, you can still use it for other purposes.

  1. Open CMD, then type hh webpage. For example, you can write hh
Write command at command prompt.
  1. A small retro Google web page will open, allowing you to download a web browser through it. opened in Microsoft HTML Help.
  1. Go to the download page to get your browser.
Download page in Microsoft HTML Help.

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5. Use the cURL command

cURL allows you to download files directly from the Internet using PowerShell. You can assign cURL to a web page and it will download any file on it, including .EXE files.

  1. Launch PowerShell via Windows Search and run it as administrator.
Write for PowerShell via Windows Search.
  1. Enter the command cd Desktop to instruct the cURL command to save files to the desktop.
Type a command in PowerShell.
  1. Enter the following command and replace “” with the URL of the web page that contains the browser .EXE file.
curl -L "" -o download.exe
Type a command in PowerShell.




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Frequent questions

How do I download a previous version of a browser?

You can download a previous version of any browser or other software using FileHorse. First, navigate to the website and find the software, then click on the “Previous Versions” section to find the previous versions. FileHippo and OldVersion are alternatives to FileHorse. It is worth noting that some developers offer older versions of their software on their official websites.

How can I easily switch browsers and take bookmarks, passwords and history with me?

Every browser has a sync option. For example, Google Chrome can sync your data between devices. What you need to do in any browser is to create an account or log into yours through settings and enable sync. By installing the browser on any device (including Android and iOS) and logging into the same account, all your data will be synced.

Can I surf the Internet without a web browser?

You can do many things without a web browser, including downloading files and software using the cURL command and Winget, for example. However, you need a browser to view websites and read their content. However, if you are a privacy-focused person or cannot accept any risk, you can use private web browsers, such as Tor and Mullvad browsers.

All screenshots by Mustafa Ashour.

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