How to defeat the Archduke in Fallen Legion Revenants

Archduke is the first boss after your trio of confrontations with Drakina in the previous chapter. Revenants of the Fallen Legion has been upping bosses lately, but Archduke is a notable downgrade in both complexity and gameplay. That’s not a bad thing, of course, defeating God can be exhausting, so taking a break from that is a nice change of pace.

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Palette cleaning aside, Archduke is an interesting boss in the sense that he is very easy to abuse. Mechanically, Archduke goes from fairly easy to complete child’s play. Of course a few factors go into this and they will cover how to beat him, how to make it easier and what he will do to try and stop it.


The Archduke Attacks

Archduke doesn’t have many attacks and frankly, you might not even see them all before you kill the guy. One thing they all share, however, is that they all deal air/shock damage. This makes it incredibly dangerous against certain Exemplars, but pretty useless against others.

Attack Explanation Worktop
sun glare Archduke unleashes a full-screen attack that leaves Shock tiles on your side of the field. This attack can be a headache as it hits all your copies. It can hamper your offense if your DPS falters, for example. The Shock tile is also a bit tricky to handle as it limits where you can stand. Stay off the tile and time your stop.
ranged attack Archduke fires three projectiles at your party. This is a pretty standard attack that can be parried like any other ranged attack. It also opens up Archduke for a counterattack.
Tribuaris Chant Archduke will cast this at low HP. This attack rains damage from the sky that sweeps across the battlefield. This attack is a bit awkward to counter as it moves in an unusual way. Because Archduke uses this attack quite late in the battle, you won’t need to deal with it often.

Archduke Mechanics

Archduke is a simple boss with no unique mechanics that make him more difficult to defeat. However, there is a way to make this fight a lot easier.r (well, easier than it already is). If Lucien completed the gear puzzle before, cannon fire will rain down on the Archduke at random. This effect will reduce the Archduke’s BP by 75 percent.which makes it much easier to stagger the Archduke.

Lucien will use this attack throughout the fight, allowing you to quickly burn the Archduke.

What copies to use

Exemplars are often the core of your strategy when it comes to Fallen Legion Revenants.although few bosses make it as clear as Archduke. With the right party – no, Copy – you can defeat the Archduke without suffering any damage absolutely. Even if you can’t run this Exemplary this way, you can run variants that still turn Archduke into a wet noodle.

The first is the first – you want an Exemplar that can conjure an Electrobane mosaic. The reason for this is because Electrobane makes you immune to all air/shock damage. Not only that, but the tile lasts quite a long time, making it very mana efficient. If you haven’t been able to unlock an Electrobane Deathblow on Kali, Valeria, etc., then bring three air-based exemplars is a good alternative.

battle strategy

The trick is to bring the right equipment. You want a team full of specimens of airideally with electrobane. Place it, stand on the tile and you will be immortal. Archduke only deals air damage, so he literally can’t do anything to you with this build. From here, only attack when safe to do so..

If you completed the gear puzzle, this fight is made even easier as Lucien’s cannonballs will frequently take Archduke’s brains out.. This boss should go down like a sack of potatoes.

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