How to defeat Simmumah Ur-Nokru Lucent Necromancer in Ghosts Of The Deep

The final boss of the Deep Dungeon Ghosts in fate 2 features several throwbacks: the Oryx body, the Deepsight nodes, and the Hive rituals. All of this comes together in a mechanically simple, yet menacing boss fight that culminates the Lucent Hive-themed Season of the Deep dungeon.

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Simmumah Ur-Nokru is like most Hive wizards in fate 2, so it’s likely that now players are having some issues with their movement. That said, it does have a few tricks up its sleeve, including sending a swarm of moths after players that can quickly kill a guardian. This is how Simmumah can be defeated in The third and final encounter of Ghosts of the Deep.


Ghosts of the Deep: Defeat Simmumah Ur-Nokru, Lucent Necromancer

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Final Boss Arena

The rally banner is right up front as players enter the arena where Oryx’s body is being resurrected by the boss. Similar to the Ecthar encounter, this encounter also has both underwater sections and above ground sections, though players will only need to traverse underwater to reach additional rooms in the cave system where the boss encounter takes place. .

Destiny 2 Ghosts Of The Deep Ritual Conductor Buff and Deepsight Node

Begin by destroying the ghost over Oryx’s head to start the encounter. Somewhere in the sand will have generated a Deepsight node. When players interact with it, they will be able to see three locations around the arena where black dots float and a green ritual circle is highlighted on the ground. These three circles will be connected to each other with green lines.

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Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Vorlog Depths

Stand in one of these ritual circles to get the Ritual Director perk. A hive knight named Vorlog, risen in heresy, It will appear somewhere nearby. As I stand in this ritual circledefeat it to move the boss to that specific circle.

Destiny 2 Ghosts Of The Deep Deepsight Rune Activation

Collect the Deepsight perk again if it has been depleted. Two symbols should now be floating in the air: a beehive face symbol and a circle. Players must position themselves so that they can look through the circle towards the Hive face symbol while they have the Deepsight buff.

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Depths Final Boss Arena Runes

This will reveal the hive rune required for that specific ritual circle—there are three in total for each phase. To find these ruins, players must access the doors of the underwater caves. around the arena and look for them. It can take some time to do this, but the encounter isn’t timed until players pick up a vestige, so there’s no rush.

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Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Destroying a Shining Ghost

The cave is divided into several rooms, where the respective hive symbol looms over a group of enemies and a Lucent Lightbearer. Defeat the lightbringer to collect a vestigeand return to the central arena.

Destiny 2 Damage Phase Ghosts of the Deep Simmumarh Ur Nokru

While wearing the vestige, collect the Deepsight buff from a node again and then go to where the the respective matching symbol is found to deposit the trace. Once all three are on the bench, the ritual circles will turn into those green pools similar to the previous encounter, granting players the benefit of piercing light. Simmumah can be damaged as long as the buff is active after the message “Simmumah ur-Nokru is imbued with Light appears”and the buff lasts for a few seconds even after players exit the pool.

After a damage phase, the process restarts again. Simmumah does a lot of arc damageso players are encouraged to run double, even triple arc resistance mods for this meeting, as well as a large clear publicity. The boss likes to teleport around the arena during the damage phase, so be prepared to deal damage even from afar. Linear Fusion Rifles can be good for players who are confident in their aim; otherwise, machine guns or rocket launchers can also be used. Also be aware of moths that can sneak up on you and deal a lot of damage to players.

fate 2 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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