How to defeat Elijah in Diablo 4

So, are you wondering how to defeat Elias in Diablo 4? Elijah in devil 4 is an annoying boss that appears multiple times throughout the main campaign. This supposedly immortal boss is Lilith’s right-hand man and was sent to make your mission a little more difficult. Once Lorath’s apprentice, Lilith has taken over Elias and is now in service to the dark side. Multiple fights with Elias throughout the campaign occur in Act 3 and Act 5. While Elias doesn’t pose much of a danger on his own, unlike the Ashava World Boss, he does have some minions that can deal some serious damage to your team. character. This guide will show you how to defeat Elias in devil 4.

Diablo 4: How to defeat Elijah

Defeat Elias Diablo 4

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Here is a step by step guide on how to defeat Elias in devil 4, including Act 3 and Act 5.


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  1. Act 3 – Piercing the Veil: Arrive at the temple dedicated to Lilith. The initial encounter with Elias is brief but she sets the stage for future battles.
  2. Act 5 – On the Precipice: Discover the source of Elias’s immortality. Get ready for a tougher fight with deadlier oppressors, pitlords and minions.
  3. Beware of Crimson Ripple: Elias periodically casts this devastating spell, engulfing the ground in blood-red vapors. He uses defensive spells or legendary skins for temporary immunity. He heals quickly after the attack.
  4. Team up with Lorath – Join forces with Lorath to defeat Elias this time. The initial fight may seem easy, but more challenging encounters lie ahead.
  5. Interact with the Blood Petals – Trigger the second fight by interacting with the Blood Petals.
  6. Champions of Lilith: Elias summons a huge demon, the Champion of Lilith. Defeat him while he evades Elias’s attacks. Another champion emerges once the first one is defeated.
  7. Battle Rooms: Make your way through the rooms for the third encounter. Elias summons a Champion of Lilith and two crazed Supplicants that create a blood barrier. Eliminate the supplicants to defeat Elias.
  8. Open Area Confrontation: In a spacious area, Elias summons crazed Supplicants for protection. Lilith’s Champion is absent. He defeats the supplicants while avoiding Elias’s attacks.
  9. Weakened Defenses – When Elias drops to around 25% health, he summons five crazed supplicants for added protection. Remove them quickly.
  10. Watch out for Elias’s attacks: dodge blood balls, ground pentagrams, and blood-guided missiles. Get away from danger.
  11. Disrupt Blood Barrier: Crazed Supplicants create a barrier. Send them quickly to expose Elias.
  12. Sustain Healing: Heals quickly after sustaining Crimson Ripple or other attacks.
  13. Repeat Steps 5-12 – Repeat encounters until Elias summons the final five berserk supplicants.
  14. The final confrontation: Everyone focuses on Elias. He exploits his vulnerability to unleash powerful attacks and defeat him.

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