How to defeat Apollon in Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory

For the third time in a row, Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory pits Laenur and her band of (growing) Exemplars against, you guessed it, a rival Exemplar. This time you will face the legendary archer Apollon. This is the third ranged exemplar Laenur will have access to, which will heavily skew the type of party you can bring in for the foreseeable future.

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Apollon, interestingly enough, is probably the easiest Exemplar you’ve ever thought of. Dardanelles was a damage monster and Zulfiqar was a fast tank. Apollon ends up being in the middle. However, his attacks are quite interesting, which gives him an ace up his sleeve.


Apollo attacks

Apollon doesn’t have many attacks, but the attacks he does have are a pain in the ass. He often attacks in quick succession with awkward pauses between each shot. Not only that, but those pauses also change, which makes it even more difficult to understand his pattern. He adds his unique Deathblow, and Apollon has the entire utility belt.

Attack Explanation Worktop
a single shot Apollon fires a single shot that deals low damage. This is Apollon’s most basic attack, and is basically used as a confusion attack. This attack will be thrown into the mix to keep you on your toes between his other more powerful attacks. It can be reflected like any other ranged attack, and this opens up Apollon to additional damage on the counter.
Multi-Shot Combo Apollon fires up to five arrows at the group, pausing of varying lengths between each shot. This is Apollon’s best attack simply because it has nightmarish timing. Once the attack ends, you can move to get a counter, and the damage dealt will increase if the last arrow is reflected.
false falcon Apollon jumps into the air and shoots an arrow at the party. The Exemplary hit takes damage and has low defenses from it. This attack increases Apollon’s damage, which is a big deal since Apollon’s base damage is pretty manageable. However, with Falcon Feign active, Apollon can burn through specimens surprisingly quickly, especially if he’s using his Multi-Shot. The attack moves fairly slowly and has a very clear string, so blocking the attack isn’t too difficult.

Apollo Mechanics

Falcon Feign is the only unique mechanic Apollon has to its name, but it’s a blast. You don’t want to get hit by this. If it does, consider moving your party to counter it. However, the best solution is to simply block it. His timing is quite generous and the attack is well telegraphed.

What specimens to take

You don’t have access to many Exemplars (yet), but there are some choices that can be made. For the party, we recommend running Zulfiqar, Winchester and the Dardanelles. This team is a solid all-rounder. Zulfiqar is an excellent tank, and its Link Attack can be used to reflect all of Apollon’s projectiles without having to time your blocks. Dardanelles and Winchesters are powerful ranged units that can deal damage without having to expose themselves.

battle strategy

The strategy here is not too complicated: hit Apollon until he dies. The best way to do this is to save Zulfiqar’s AP so that he has access to his Link Attack at all times. This makes it much easier to reflect Apollon’s multishot, as Zulfiqar will stack most of the arrows on his way to attack.

Meanwhile, he uses Winchester and Dardanelles to launch his attacks from a distance. They both do excellent damage, and Dardanelles’ Gravity Embrace can interrupt Apollo, interrupting his animations.

As long as you are patient and use Zulfiqar and company. Sure enough, you should get through this fight without taking too much damage. Don’t be stingy when it comes to Mana either. Daffyd’s Spear deals high damage, and healing should be easy to come by, since you’ll be regularly attacking with your Exemplars from a distance.

With Apollon down, he rejoins your party and you’re free to move on to your next challenge: Manticore.

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