How to create white basins in Path of Exile (Lake of Kalandra)

path of exile had a new league that launched recently called Lake of Kalandra. Like the leagues that preceded it, like path of exileThe Lake of Kalandra heist league introduces new gameplay elements and gives players a fresh start. Players need to get the best gear possible to conquer the new content, and that includes getting things like gear with white plugs.

Since all Kalandra League players start out as new level one characters, getting gear with white lace isn’t a major concern early on, it’s more for end game content. According to many players, path of exile it really begins when players beat the 10-act main story. It will take 30-40 hours for newer players to get through 10 acts, but much less time for those familiar with the game. From there, players can take maps into Atlas of Worlds, which opens up all new possibilities with random maps.


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To make your characters in path of exile more powerful, players will have to use skill gems, which are placed in the sockets of their armor and weapons. Skirting boards typically come in three color varieties, red, green, and blue, with items carrying 1 to 6 skirting boards. Players will place skill gems of the corresponding color. It can be frustrating when players want to use a green ability, for example, but their item only has red slots. There are ways to change the colors of the slots, or even add more, but you need farming materials to do so. Another option is to make equipment with white caps. Items with white slots are highly prized because they can drop skill gems of any color. However, getting white plugs can be a challenge. There are a few different ways to do it.

Get equipment with white caps in Path of Exile

One way to get white cap gear path of exile is by participating in fights against the Immortal Syndicate. Players will want to seek out Vorici and, when given the opportunity, assign him to the Research Vault. When players raid the safe house, the higher Vorici’s rank, the more chance players have to get more white socketed items. There is guaranteed to be a white socket at rank 1 and a maximum of 6 sockets when Vorici is at rank 4.

The white cap gear can also be obtained through path of exileThe temporary raid mode. What players will do here is place an item of their choice on the Altar of Corruption. The item will become corrupted, modifying it in unpredictable ways. This means it will drop new stats randomly, and that includes the colors of the slots. It’s a big gamble, but it can potentially pay off, turning sockets white.

Similar to the Altar of Corruption, players can use Vaal Orbs to modify their items, which could change the colors of the slots to white. However, this may not be the most efficient way to get white sockets, as Vaal orbs have other uses. However, if players really need a specific item in path of exile to have white sockets, they can use their Vaal Orbs.

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