How to complete the Warpriest encounter in King’s Fall Raid

Do you want to know how to complete the Destiny 2 Warpriest encounter in King’s Fall Raid? The Warpriest encounter is one of the most challenging bosses and the second encounter in King’s Fall Raid. You need a great team to communicate and coordinate to take him down. Because if your team does not have good coordination, this match will be difficult. In this guide, we will show you how to complete the Warpriest encounter in King’s Fall Raid.

What is the Destiny 2 Warpriest encounter in King’s Fall Raid?

The Warpriest in King’s Fall Raid is only susceptible to damage when Guardians are within Breath of the Initiate’s aura. This is done by having a random Guardian equipped with the aura kill an enemy within 10 seconds. If they don’t, the aura will be transferred to another Guardian. The Warpriest Challenge is a game mode where the fire team must defeat the Warpriest by fighting with a different aura each time. As long as everyone stays alive and continues to damage the Warpriest, this terrifying enemy will eventually go down!

How to complete the Warpriest encounter in King’s Fall Raid?

In King’s Fall Raid, there is an encounter with Warpriest. If you want to beat him, you must have good coordination.

Initiate’s Warpriest Mark

Encounter with Warpriest in King's Fall Raid

The Warpriest will not spawn until all three pressure plates activate simultaneously. So make sure you know where and what to do when that happens. When you start, have one person climb each ladder. Warpriest will appear and start firing his Boomer at all Guardians in sight. For each dish, a Holy Melee Knight will also spawn. You have to kill them as fast as possible. When all three Knights are dead, the Glyph sequence begins. One person must say the sequence and then everyone else must fire the corresponding Glyph.

If you take too long to start the glyph sequence or fail too many times in the King’s Fall Raid Warpriest encounter, the Warpriest will summon a Wormstone Idol, knock back the Initiate, and eliminate the party.

If the initiation is successful, the last person to step on a plate will get a “Mark of the Initiate”. The brand is the only way to harm Warpriest. When their timer reaches three seconds, remove an ad or they die, while the remaining five unload all weapons and fire at Warpriest.

If someone with a Mark dies, the mark will be given to someone else. It is recommended to start damaging Warpriest; a replacement must be found as soon as possible.


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War Priest Encounter Cycles

Encounter with Warpriest in King's Fall Raid

We recommend using a Nightstalker for the King’s Fall Raid Warpriest encounter to tie up the Warpriest to make it easier for the rest of your team to shoot him. After the last tick expires, all players must hide behind one of the three monoliths because Warpriest will summon his Oculus, an Oversoul similar to Crota’s.

If you don’t stand behind a Monolith, you will die to Searing Torrent from the Oculus. In Hard Mode, the Warpriest will draw power from a Monolith and have a Taken ability based on the Monolith he is closest to. The Warpriest continues to fight, and the two parties engage in repeated duels until he is killed.

The Warpriest is a demanding boss in King’s Fall Raid. When two Pillars have been destroyed (or halfway through the conflict), Taken spawns along with Knights with yellow health bars that pop up on plates instantly.

If four rounds of shots don’t kill the Warpriest, your entire fireteam will perish due to lack of monoliths to hide from the Searing Torrent, killing everyone. The Warpriest is also immune to the “kill you” effect of the Searing Torrent, which persists even after the Oculus wears off.

So this fight is likely to be long and complicated when you encounter him in King’s Fall Raid.

When you finally defeat the Warpriest, you will be able to move on to the next encounter in King’s Fall Raid. Congratulations! You have completed the Warpriest encounter and can now move on to face the next challenge.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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