How to complete the Hollywood Hustler challenge

The newest one bitlife The Hollywood Hustler Challenge has arrived! The challenge asks you to become a famous actor and at the same time scam others! Both of these may be uncharted territory for you, so be sure to keep reading to find out more! This guide will explain how to complete the Hollywood Hustler Challenge in bitlife.

How to complete the Hollywood Hustler challenge in BitLife

BitLife Hollywood Scammer

The newest one bitlife The Hollywood Hustler Challenge has five tasks that you need to complete:

  • Born in California
  • Panhandle for over 5 years
  • Scam more than 15 people with the VIP ticket scam
  • Become a famous actor
  • Win 2 Bitty Awards

You need the Street Hustler and Actor Special Career Packs to complete this challenge. They both cost real-world money to purchase, so you won’t be able to finish this week’s challenge without spending. You can buy each one individually or buy the Boss mode to get all the available packs.

Once you have obtained both Job Packs, begin your adventure by creating a character born in California. To do this, choose the United States as your departure country and Los Angeles, San Diego, or Sacramento as your departure locations. It doesn’t matter which one you select, as long as you choose a location that is in California. From here, age until you are 18 to start your street and acting career. To make things easier for yourself, choose Acting as your special talent and practice using Acting Lessons in Mind & Body.

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Upon turning 18, head over to Special Careers and choose Street Hustler. Choose your street and start by selecting Panhandler. Using whatever options he wants, Panhandle for five years in total to complete the first part of his rushed career. From here select Hustles to choose your second tactic. Choose Scam Artist and continue to scam every year until you unlock advanced tactics. Under Advanced, you will see the VIP ticket scam. You will have to successfully complete 15 attempts to proceed to the second half of this challenge.

After begging for five years and scamming at least 15 people with the VIP Ticket Scam, finish your Street Hustling career and move on to acting! Choose Actor as your special career and search for Auditions. While you can become an extra for some money, auditioning for TV and movie roles will be your ticket to the Bitty Awards.

Over the years, continue to audition for various roles while improving your acting skills until you get a solid foothold in the industry. You will become famous and you will be nominated for the Bitty Awards. To speed up the process, after landing a role in a TV show or movie, practice your lines and develop your character to increase your performance stats.

Once you complete these five tasks, you will successfully finish the Hollywood Hustler Challenge in bitlife. For more information on a previous bitlife challenge, visit our coverage here.

bitlife is available on Android and iOS.

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