How to Complete Iron Banner Daily Challenges

The Iron Banner has finally returned to destiny 2, meaning players can delve into the PVP-focused event to prove themselves. One way to prove yourself is to improve your Iron Banner rank and unlock new gear. A good way to do this is to complete each of the Iron Banner daily challenges.

how to complete destiny 2 Iron Banner Daily Challenges

To find the Iron Banner daily challenges in destiny 2, open your Director and go to the Destinations screen. Here you can see all the different planets and places you can visit in destiny 2.

To locate the Iron Banner, hover over the Crucible option and select it. From here you will be taken to a screen with multiple options. Hover over Iron Banner, which is on the right of the screen, and you should see the challenges listed below.

Iron Banner contains four main daily challenges, although the game lists them as weekly because they unlock during the week. The first challenge requires you to complete a few matches using specific subclasses, and from there you’ll unlock additional challenges on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at the daily reset. Missions can be completed as they unlock each day, or you can wait until Friday to complete them all in one game session.

Complete all Iron Banner daily challenges in destiny 2 it will reward you with Pinnacle Gear, as well as an Iron Banner Rank Boost. One of the most important points of Iron Banner is to show your general skill in the game. It’s one of the few modes within the shooter that doesn’t scale the PvP action to the same level. As such, whatever equipment you have will directly result in how powerful you are while fighting.

Destiny 2: Iron Banner
Players can compete in the PVP-focused Iron Banner event in “Destiny 2.” Season 18 of “Destiny 2” has just kicked off, which has opened the floodgates for a lot of additional content for players to progress through.

If you want to upgrade your Iron Banner rank and unlock all available gear, completing daily challenges will help you do that. Being able to get that rank increase will allow you to level up more quickly, which means you can take advantage of new gear available for a limited time from Lord Saladin.

Just keep in mind that the Iron Banner is only available until the next weekly reset, which means you’ll only have a few days to complete the challenges and unlock that rank boost. Make sure you set aside enough time to complete each daily challenge, so you can reach max rank in this instance of destiny 2Iron Banner event.

destiny 2 fans can currently participate in destiny 2 Season 18, or the Season of Plunder. There is a variety of different content and challenges to complete as you roll out.

destiny 2 It is currently available on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, PC (via the Epic Games Store), and Stadia.

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