How to complete achievements in Rainbow Crossroads

The last event island in Fortnite celebrates LGBTQ+ pride and is called Rainbow Crossroads. Taking the form of floating clouds linked with various elements, it hosts multiple activities for players. This includes a series of ten achievements listed right in the middle of Crossroads; here’s how to get them all.

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Finish the rainbow race

The first challenge requires Fortnite players to finish Rainbow Run. This one isn’t particularly tricky, as there isn’t even anything to gain; players just have to finish the course.


Rainbow Run is accessible from a teleporter near the center of the island and takes the form of a race track in the sky. Players will have to time their jumps, but as long as they pay attention, it’s not hard to finish the circuit.

Win a game of Whirly Jump

The next challenge requires some real competition as players need to win a game of Whirly Jump. This is accessed from a different teleporter, and the game itself should be very familiar to anyone who has played Fall Guys.

Players stand on a circular platform and must jump and duck under rotating electrified poles. not as long as Fortniterecent Tournament of Power, but he could still be a nuisance.

Win a color change game

The next challenge is another competition, but it is the last one. It’s not mandatory to equip a particularly competitive skin, but it can give you the confidence to win. The game takes place on multiple floating clouds with different colors and fruits. Every few seconds, a color will be called and players must jump to the nearest platform of that color, as all other colors will disappear. The last player standing wins.

paint pieces of art

No more competition for the next challenge, just expression. Players must find one of the paint cans hanging around the map and throw the acquired paint grenades at the nearest blank white piece of art. With Fortnite making fun of a Lord of the Rings crossover, this could be the perfect place for some LoTR fan art.

buy some food

This one is simple. Go past the Whirly Jump teleporter and find the food truck. Buy a food item from him. That is all. No bonus steps, no surprises Fortnite John Cena, nothing.

Find and complete the dreamer’s hidden quest

This is the longest, so be prepared. First, head to the waterfall on the edge of the island, past the Whirly Jump teleporter and the food truck. Walk directly towards him; there is a secret passage behind. This is Dreamer’s secret lair, and she is there, standing by a portal.

Talk to her to find out that there are four artifacts to find on the island, then jump into the portal to return to the island.

The first artifact is on the central boardwalk.: It is the only armchair among all the armchairs facing the walkway (it also has blue specks coming out of it). Pick it up and move on.

The second artifact is in the restaurant on the west side of the island.: It’s a purple box on one of the tables.

Next up is an artifact behind the general store near the northern part of the island. (the building that looks like three white circles): a sign not to dance.

The last artifact is near the viewing area on the east side of the island.– A human-sized plastic T-Rex. Collecting all four will give a message that Dreamer is waiting behind the waterfall again. Talk to her to complete the quest and get the chance to purchase the Dreamer title from the Style Shop. It’s not as complete a costume as Starfire’s, but it’s a fun distraction nonetheless.

go to the concert

Again, a pretty simple one. There is a concert stage in the southwestern part of the island. Hop on and dance while there’s a concert going on, and that’s the whole challenge. Then it only remains to wait to see if the Fortnite Lady Gaga’s concert becomes a reality.

Buy a title or trail

Head to the title store, which means simply turning 180 degrees from the challenge checklist board and running straight into it. Buy one of the titles or trails, and you’re good to go. This is a good time to unlock that Dreamer title sooner or get one dating back to recent Fortnite Dragon Ball Z Cross.

Explore Fortography Studio

The Fortography Studio is found via a teleporter to the left of the title store. Hop into a booth and take a photo, and the challenge is up. It likely won’t be available by the time “Dead Game” is leaked. Fortnite the skin is out, but if it is, that photo would be a great contrast.

Complete the fashionista mission

For the ultimate challenge, head to the walkway on the central boardwalk. There, Fashionista resides by the catwalk. He talks to her and he’ll ask you to gesture in a certain kind of costume (or possibly just goth) at the end of the boardwalk. Do it and all the challenges will be complete.

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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