How to clear storage space on Android phones? Check out these 5 free tricks

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. To make payments or keep track of our medical status, we have dedicated apps for everything. However, these apps are sometimes also responsible for slow gaming, camera, or performance issues. However, the easiest way seems to be to uninstall these apps, but it is actually not the best solution. And to deal with this perplexing situation, we have the top 5 free ways:

Uninstall unused apps

The great internet network sometimes leads us to unnecessary installations. There are a lot of apps on our phone that are not used for months. These apps are never used and just take up huge space on our phone. Check and uninstall these useless apps to free up storage space. Also, please enable ‘Verify Before Install’ from your settings to prevent further fake app installations on your smartphone.

Delete the audio files

The exchange of messages is no longer limited to text messages. The age of smartphones has provided multiple options like audio messages, GIFs, videos, and more. We often share or receive audio messages with our friends and family. And once we hear them, we often forget to delete them, which increases phone storage.

Users through their WhatsApp media folder can be directed to the audio section and can select and delete all unwanted audio messages to free up additional storage space.

Find and delete large media files

A perfect image needs almost 99 “could be better” photos. And these remaining 99 images or videos are often left behind for no reason. These data unknowingly occupy a large space of our phone and exhaust the storage. Therefore, for smooth running of apps and other processes, it is better to remove these idle images and videos.

Use Google Photos

Choosing between ‘Keep’ and ‘Remove’ is not an easy task. In case you feel puzzled about your selection, but freeing up space is still a must, switch to Google Photos. Use your Gmail ID to sign in to Google Photos, and then move all your photos and videos to Google Photos. Once you have successfully ported all your media, delete it from your smartphone.

Clear data from streaming apps

To make the most of free hours, people often tend to download their favorite shows, web series, and music albums from streaming apps like Netflix, Prime, Spotify, or YouTube. These downloaded files take up a large portion of your storage space. Therefore, it is important to free up this storage space. Simply, go to settings, find the desired apps, enter the app storage section and clear the data stored in it.

Similarly, users should also clear data stored with WhatsApp or other messaging apps.

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