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The latest version of the popular Nintendo shooter splatoon has arrived and continues to build on the solid foundations of its predecessors. Splatoon 3 brings back familiar modes like Turf War PvP, a new single player campaign, as well as the popular co-op mode known as Salmon Run. Fortunately, Nintendo has continued to evolve each of these modes with new features like Squid Surge or Squid Roll, locker customization, a new lobby system, and much more.


In fact, Salmon Run also got a number of new tweaks and quality of life improvements, as well as being available 24/7 instead of just on specific dates and times. Along with the familiar 4 players teaming up to take down waves of salmonids and collect their golden eggs, Splatoon 3 introduces new enemies to attack, from unique bosses to the massive Cohozuna King Salmonid that appears from time to time once a meter fills up.

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In fact, these bosses are quite important for players who want to add a bit of variety to their lives, as the rewards for taking them down can be used in Grizzco for new outfits. That is how Splatoon 3 players can unlock new Slopsuits and how to trade them.

How to earn new Slopsuits

By default, all players are given an orange outfit, approved by Mr. Grizz, called the Slopsuit. However, considering Splatoon 3 Featuring a lot of customization through gear and weapons, Salmon Run allows for quite a bit of player expression.

However, before players can unlock different variations of suits, they will first need to face a new boss within Salmon Run called King Salmonid. These hulking creatures cannot be fought all the time, as players must first fill a special meter by finishing Salmon Run rounds. Under the Splatoon 3 The player rank progression meter is another icon for the Cohozuna King Salmonid that fills up a bit each time a match is completed. When the meter is full, players will have the opportunity to participate in an Xtrawave that not only has players fighting Cohozuna, but other Boss Salmonids as well.

Fish Scales Explained

During the Xtrawave phase, players can earn a new currency called Fish Scales, which are incredibly important for unlocking new Slopsuits. While damaging Cohozuna is enough to start earning Fish Scales, players can get better scales depending on how dangerous Xtrawave is. The danger level is ultimately determined by the sum of all four players’ current rank, so higher level players will not only face more challenges during an Xtrawave, but will also be rewarded with better scaling rarity. .

Swimsuit Unlock

In terms of Slopsuits, players will only have to worry about silver fish scales, as bronze and gold can be placed on new banners, decals, and more. splatoon theme decorations. Here’s the breakdown of each new Slopsuit:

  • Orange – Unlocked by default
  • Green – 10 silver fish scales
  • Yellow – 10 silver fish scales
  • Pink – 30 silver fish scales (milestone 1 unlock)
  • Blue – 30 silver fish scales (milestone 1 unlock)
  • Black – 100 silver fish scales (Milestone 2 unlock)
  • White – 100 silver fish scales (milestone unlock 2)

One thing to note is that many of these rewards are locked behind milestones. For example, after spending at least 100 bronze and 10 silver scales, a new set of gear will unlock. As for the Slopsuits, reaching milestone 1 unlocks the pink and blue suits. To unlock Black and White through Milestone 2, players will need to spend 350 Bronze, 40 Silver, and 4 Gold Scales.

How to change swimsuits

Once new outfits have been unlocked using Fish Scales, the outfits can be changed at any time. Surprisingly, players can’t do this directly from the shop menu, so they’ll have to go to the right, where the mini-lockers are against the wall.

Interacting with the lockers will allow the player to see all currently unlocked slopsuits and change them as much as they like between rounds of Salmon Run.

Splatoon 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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