How to Buy Items on the Minecraft Marketplace

With the introduction of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, players got a new way to access and install downloadable content. Instead of manually installing mods, which can be tricky at times, Mojang introduced the Minecraft Marketplace.

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Using an in-game currency known as Minecoins, although the Playstation version still uses its own currency, players can purchase various pieces of content from the market to use in the game. This includes skins, maps, texture packs, minigames, and more.

Another great thing about the marketplace is that some of its available content is free. This is great news for players who don’t want to buy Minecoins. However, newer players may not be familiar with how to download content through the market. Fortunately, the process to do so can be found below.

Download content from the Minecraft market with ease

A 2017 landing page for the Minecraft Marketplace (Image via Mojang)
A 2017 landing page for the Minecraft Marketplace (Image via Mojang)

To make the process of downloading and installing content easier, Mojang has taken steps to ensure that the Minecraft Marketplace is as accessible as possible. Players have the ability to scroll through its home page and choose specific categories to get the specific content they want. It’s even possible to filter items based on price and other factors.

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Here are the steps to download content from the marketplace:

  1. From the main menu, players need to click on the Minecraft Marketplace button.
  2. On the main home screen, they should navigate to the desired content page. Players can use various filters here, including the item’s star rating, its price, and what type of DLC it is.
  3. Next, players need to open the DLC page. Here, players can purchase the content directly. If they do not have enough Minecoins to complete the transaction, they will be offered the opportunity to enter relevant payment information and purchase Minecoins through microtransactions. Free DLC content will not require this particular step, and the download should start automatically.
  4. For downloaded texture packs, resource packs, and maps, players can access these new pieces of content in the world creation and editing menu.
  5. New player skins that have been successfully downloaded will be available through the locker room feature in the main menu. The dressing room can also be accessed in-game from the pause menu.

Players now know how to download and access content obtained from the market. If players are looking for a particular type of content and don’t want to use filters, they can use the search bar to get to the specific DLC they want. However, this process may require them to enter the name of a particular item or its creator. No matter what, players should be able to find what they’re looking for quickly.

If players decide they’ve had enough of the downloaded content, they can uninstall it through the settings found in the main menu. DLCs ​​take up space on a player’s device, so if they’re running low on storage space, this might be a good idea.

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