How to blur parts of an image for free online: 5 tools

If you ever share screenshots or photos online, knowing how to blur parts of your image is a useful skill to have. Whether you need to send a sensitive screenshot to a colleague or just want to sharpen a certain part of your image, we’ll show you how to blur the parts you want to hide.

It’s easy to find image editing tools online, but some will charge you a fee. Here are five online tools that are completely free and allow you to blur parts of an image.

If you want to blur or blur parts of an image with a brush stroke, BeFunky’s Blur feature can help you do that. BeFunky offers many photo editing features, but the link above will take you directly to the Blur tool. Click Start to go to the free version of the site and then upload your image

BeFunky works slightly differently than the other tools here, requiring you to blur the entire image first. In the Blur feature, you will see two options, one labeled Adjust and the other Erase. Under the Adjust tab, select the amount of blur you want to apply to your image.

Then go to the Erase tab to remove the blur from certain areas. If you remove too much blur, you can switch to the Hold tab and blur parts of your image again.

If you only want to blur a small part of your image, then blurring the entire image first may seem counterproductive. The fastest way to use BeFunky to blur just a small part of your image is Erase the blur completely using the larger brush tool, and then use the Hold tab to blur a small area again.

Once you are satisfied with your image, go to the Save money tab at the top of the screen and download your blurry photo to your computer.

Blurring an image in Canva will require you to create a free account, but it’s worth it for the photo editing tools at your disposal. Once you’ve logged into your Canva account, find and choose edit photo on the home page. This will prompt you to upload your image and create a Canva layout that perfectly fits the dimensions of your photo.

To go edit image in the top toolbar and look for the Blur low option Instruments or search for it in the search bar. Use the Auto option to blur the entire image, or select Blur to brush the area you want to blur. You can also remove the blur using the Restore brush option.

Once you’ve finished editing your image, tap Sharethen select Discharge to save your design to your computer.

You can download Canva designs in various formats, including JPG, PNG, and PDF. If you decide a Canva premium account is worth it, you can also download your design as an SVG.

If you find that your hand gets a little shaky when blurring an image using brush strokes, you’ll like the clean lines generated by Blur Photo Editor. While the ads can be annoying, it’s a great tool for blurring out sections of an image, allowing you to create a selection area instead of relying on the steadyness of your hand. It’s also very simple as there isn’t an overwhelming amount of editing features.

On the home page, select Start the blur photo editorand select Choose the photo to blur to add your photo to the editor.

Then start creating your selection by clicking on the corners of the area you want to blur. Once selected, choose whether you want to blur inside or outside of your selection and toggle the amount of blur you want to add. If you make a mistake, reset your selection, or if you’re happy with your fit, download your image.

While Blur Photo Editor may not be the most sophisticated editing tool on the Internet, it is easy to use and creates professional-looking blur images at no cost. If you have an ad blocker installed on your browser, then that’s even better.

Peko Step is a free image editor that runs in your web browser. To add blur to an image in Peko Step, start by uploading an image via the Proceedings icon at the top.

Now choose if you want to add blur in the form of a melipse either Rectangle. You can adjust the size of the blur. Next, choose whether you want to blur inside or outside of your selection. Then select Apply to blur the area.

To download your image, right-click on your screen and then save it as if you were taking it from the Internet. You can also save the image by going to Proceedings > Save Picturebut this may not work in your browser.

Compared to the other tools on this list, Peko Step isn’t as intuitive to use and doesn’t allow you to adjust the amount of blur of your selection. But it does the job. If you want to add a bit of blur to an image or want to blur inside or outside of an ellipse, then it’s worth a try.

Lastly, we have Pixlr. While Pixlr’s blur feature may not be strong enough to mask sensitive information, it’s perfect for adding a blurred background to a portrait or photo.

Upload your image and navigate to the Rretouch editor section; this can be found under the adhesive dressing icon on the left side of your screen. Then select Focus/Blur (the water drop at the top) and configure the blur tool to your liking with the sliders.

Start with a large brush size to fill in most of your background, and then switch to a smaller brush to get as close to your subject as possible. When you’re done, tap Save money at the bottom of the screen and then download your image in your chosen format.

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Blur parts of your image online for free

Photo editing software is often expensive, so it’s nice to have tools to edit your images for free. These are some of the best browser-based tools to blur an image or parts of an image, but there’s a lot more you can do online without downloading expensive software.

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