How to block YouTube ads on your Android TV

The experience of watching YouTube videos somehow keeps getting worse, and if you look them on your smart TV, get ready to beginseeing a lot 30 second non-skippable ads before your video has even started. like meif INot bad enough, YouTube can also start showing you ads when pause to video.

Fortunately, there are two ways out of this: you can pay for YouTube Premium (nah)or find a better alternative to the YouTube app.

Choose an app that block YouTube ads on your smart TV

SmartTubeNext allows you to block ads on YouTube on Android TV devices. It is compatible with TVs with Chromecast built-in, Amazon Fire TV streaming sticks, Xiaomi Mi Box streaming stick, Nvidia Shield and many other Android TV streaming boxes. As long as you have a supported device, you can follow the instructions on the SmartTubeNext GitHub page to install it.

You only need to manually install it once. Once you’ve installed the app, it can update itself. SmartTubeNext blocks all ads on YouTube and even has the SponsorBlock extension built in, which means you’ll also be able to skip ad reads and other sponsored segments within videos from your favorite YouTube creators.

You can also use picture-in-picture mode for free with SmartTubeNext. This is great for those who like to watch YouTube videos while, say, broadcast a sports game live from another app. The app also supports streaming and voice search, and you should check out its GitHub page for instructions on how to set it up for your device.

It is important to note that SmartTubeNext works only as a replacement for the YouTube app. You may not use it as a substitute for the YouTube TV app used watch live tv channels. and aAlthough SmartTubeNext sounds good in theory, when you start using it, you may notice that its interface isn’t as polished as Google’s official offering. It’s a small price to pay to get rid of the ads, although, especially since they seem keep getting worse with each passing year.

You can also get YouTube Premium for little money

If SmartTubeNext isn’t working on your device, consider getting YouTube Premium, but use a workaround for a better deal. youlook for a good VPN and open private browsing mode in your browser to find the best deals from other countries. For example, YouTube Premium costs less than $2 per month in Argentina, India, and Turkey, compared to $12 per month in the US.

youtry your luck by subscribing to YouTube Premium from one of these regions, and you’ll see be ad free forever.