How to block access to applications, files and folders in Windows with AskAdmin

It’s your Windows computer, so it makes sense for you to choose what other users can access while using it.

Maybe you don’t want users to use Skype or access a certain folder with sensitive information. Maybe you don’t want them to install apps through the Microsoft Store. You can block access to all of these things and more using an app called AskAdmin.

Here’s how to restrict apps, files, and folders with AskAdmin.

How to download and install AskAdmin on Windows

AskAdmin is a free app, which means it has both free and paid features; the free features are all you need for this guide. To download the app, go to the AskAdmin download page. Then scroll down and click on the Discharge button.

AskAdmin will download as a ZIP file, which you need to unzip on your Windows computer. Then open the folder you extracted and double-click AskAdmin.exe either AskAdmin_x64.exedepending on whether you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit system, to launch the installer.

Once you accept the UAC prompt by clicking Yesfollow the instructions to continue with the installation of AskAdmin.

How to restrict access to an item with AskAdmin (creating a block list)

You can block access to an application, file, and folder by adding it to AskAdmin’s block list.

The list is quite easy to create, and all you have to do is launch AskAdmin and then drag and drop the item you want to block into the open window.

There is another way to add items to the block list. In the AskAdmin window, click the blue plus icon at the top right. In the dialog box, find the item you want to add to the block list.

When you find the item, select it and click the Open button.

Now when another user tries to access the locked item, AskAdmin will deny them access.

Now you can add as many apps, files, and folders as you like to the block list.

How to remove items from AskAdmin’s block list

Removing an item from the block list is pretty easy too. Just select it and click on the red one. minus icon in the menu above the list. You’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to delete the selected item, so click Yes.

If you want, you can select more than one item to remove from the block list by shift-clicking or checking the checkbox to the left. Once you unlock them, they will be accessible again.

Can Universal Windows Apps be blocked with AskAdmin?

AskAdmin can also block universal Windows apps like Microsoft Edge and Messenger. To do this, click Extras > Block built-in apps (UWP) in the top menu.

Shift-click the UWP apps you want to block, and then click Lock selected items. Blocked items will now appear in the block list.

You can also block Microsoft Store to prevent people from installing apps by clicking Extras > Block Microsoft Store.

Can you lock down Windows components with AskAdmin?

You can also lock down some Windows components with AskAdmin. To do this, click Extras > Block Windows componentsand then choose Task Manager, registry editoreither microsoft edge.

Now no one will be able to access those Windows components.

Choose what other users can access on your Windows PC

When you don’t want people to access certain applications, files, and folders on your Windows computer, you can easily block access to them with AskAdmin. You can even restrict universal apps and certain Windows components. And when you want to restore access, you can unlock them with just a few clicks.

Now you have more control over what people can do on your computer.

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