How to beat the totem encounter

King’s Fall was a very popular and beloved raid in the original. Destinyso it made sense for Bungie to incorporate it fate 2 for players who never got a chance to do the raid when it first came out in 2015. While the fate 2 The King’s Fall version may look a lot like the original version with a fresh coat of paint and improved lighting, it plays very differently considering how different the two games are in every conceivable way.

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This guide will provide the latest strategies on how players can beat the updated version of King’s Fall, including the Totem encounter.

entrance meeting

After a short cutscene, players will find themselves in a small room. Straight ahead is a hallway with six statues, three to the right and three to the left. There is also a door to the left and right that lead to different rooms. Players will also notice two orbs that glow with green energy. The goal of this area is for two players to collect the orbs and deposit them on the statues in the hallway. Both orbs must be placed on a single statue as close to the same time as possible. One important thing to note is that orbs expire after a while, so players will need to move fast. Once players have submerged the first set of orbs, another statue will begin to glow. That is where the orbs will be deposited next.

The next set of orbs will appear further away and in rooms to the left and right of where the players started. The team should be divided into groups. One group will go to the right, one group will go to the left, and the last group will stay in the middle to help deal with enemies as they spawn. In the left and right groups, players will have to decide who will collect the orb and who will destroy the barriers and kill the enemies that spawn once the orb is collected. The player picking up the orb will need to be careful as they back up towards the entrance, as Taken Phalanxes will spawn, and they can easily knock players off the ledge and kill them. If the orb’s timer expires or a player falls off the edge with it, the orb will reappear where it was first found.

This first area is not a restricted respawn zone, so players cannot miss this encounter. Once orbs have been immersed in all six statues, the portal will open in the room beyond the hallway, and players can use it to enter the next area. Don’t forget to grab your loot from the chest that appears immediately after going through the portal.

jumping ship

After navigating through the series of rooms in front of them, players will come across a large chasm that there is seemingly no way to cross. This is the first platforming section of the King’s Fall raid. Players simply have to jump onto the ship that is docked at the end of the platform and it will start moving forward. Unfortunately, players cannot take this ship to the end. After a while, the ship will begin to glow, and players will have to jump to another ship before the ship they’re on disappears and sends them to their deaths. There will often be multiple ships to choose from, but players will need to be careful as some will simply lead them away from other ships.

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As players progress, they must aim to make a stop on the platform on the left wall. This area acts as a checkpoint, so if players fall into the next section, they won’t need to start over from the beginning of this segment of the puzzle. Shortly after passing the checkpoint, a ship will fly directly over the ship the players are on. Don’t jump on him and get as far away from him as possible to avoid getting knocked down. Players will want to jump on the ship after that. From there, it’s just a few more well-timed jumps, and players will safely cross the chasm and reach the first real encounter of the raid.

totem poles

This encounter is where King’s Fall begins to show its fangs. In this room, there is a large door with a group of Hive acolytes kneeling in front of it. There are two smaller rooms to the left and right, each with a totem pole at the other end of the room. Additionally, there are also two buffs at the entrance to each room, but players should avoid picking them up until it’s time to start the encounter. To proceed, players must charge the runes into the door that is blocking their path. This is the premise of the Totem encounter. Players need to make sure to use weapons and supers that allow them to handle a bunch of enemies at once. Rocket Launchers and Fusion Rifles are ideal here, along with exotic primaries like Osteo Striga and Outbreak Perfected.

Players must be divided into two teams of three. One player from one team will go to the room on the left and another player from the other team will go to the room on the right. Before doing this, they will collect the buff that is right at the entrance to each room and then run and stand under the totem pole as fast as they can. If there is no player on the totem, it will start to activate after a few seconds. If the totem fully activates, it kills the entire team and they will have to start the encounter from the beginning.

The buff these players get grants them immunity to the poison clouds found in the side rooms. If the player who has this buff dies once these two players are in position, they should start killing as many enemies as they can to gain stacks of Deathsinger’s Power. Players in these rooms should focus on taking out the Taken Minoutars and Hive Knights that spawn on the ledge above them, as they deal a lot of damage and can easily kill players with a few hits.

The buff these players picked up has a timer, and when it expires, the player holding it dies. If the person who has this buff dies, the buff can be picked up at the entrance to the room. To prevent this, another player must enter the room and steal it from the player currently holding it (they’ll see a prompt to do so when they get close enough). To do this though, they first need to claim a buff called the Brand Claimer from a knight that spawns in the middle room on the ledge, but more on that below.

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Meanwhile, the other four players will be in the middle room killing enemies. Shortly after the encounter begins, two Hive mages will appear on the left and right. After they are killed, two possessed knights appear. After killing the knights, a glowing orb will appear that can be claimed. Picking this up gives the player the Brand Claimer perk. Two players will collect these buffs and run to the left and right room respectively towards the players on the totem poles. They’ll see a prompt to steal the mark, and once they hold the button, they’ll claim the buff the other player had and stand on totem poles instead, killing enemies and gaining stacks of Deathsinger’s Might.

While this is happening, the players who just had their buff stolen will run into the center room and stand on the giant glowing plate. They will gradually lose stacks of Deathsinger’s Power which will charge the runes on the gate. Players with stacks of Power of the Deathsinger should make sure that all of their stacks have been cleared before attempting to take the Brand Claimer buff, as they cannot pick it up if they have even a single stack of Power of the Deathsinger. Once all their stacks are gone they will help with the enemies in the middle room and take down the mages and knights to get Brand Claimer. This is repeated until all the runes are charged and the door will open.

Unfortunately, there is one last thing players will need to be aware of. As the fight progresses, an unstoppable Hive Ogre champion will appear in the center room. Players in the middle room will need to quickly kill these ogres as quickly as possible so they don’t kill the entire team. Timing in this match is everything. If a player takes several seconds or more to steal another player’s mark in the totem room, it can cause a wipe. There are a lot of moving parts to this encounter, and if something goes wrong, it can cause a snowball effect that wipes out the entire team in no time.

In summary:

  • Two players go down to the left and right rooms and stand under the totem poles, grabbing the two buffs as they go. They then kill as many enemies as they can before their time expires.
  • The other four players kill the wizards and knights that appear and two of them will get the Brand Claimer buff.
  • These two players trade with the other two players who have Deathsinger’s Power stacks and stand under the totem to get their own Deathsinger’s Power stacks.
  • Any player with Deathsinger’s Power should move to the plate in the center room and wait there while the stacks fall off of them. Then they return to help with the enemies and kill the wizards and knights that appear.
  • Repeat this process until all the runes have been filled.

Upon completing the first encounter and claiming his loot from the chest, it’s time for players to take on the Warpriest, which will be covered in another guide.

fate 2 is available now for the Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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