How to beat summoner Kaburagi in Soul Hackers 2

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  • Affinities and weaknesses

The abandoned Central Line subway is the second proper dungeon, not including the Soul Matrix, that you’ll navigate through. soul hackers 2. Once she has reached the end of the area in an effort to locate Mangetsu, she will run into an old acquaintance of the Arrow.

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That’s right, you’re face to face with Kaburagi, the man who killed the Arrow before Ringo brought him back to life, and he’s not alone, as he comes with two demons by his side. Here’s everything you need to know to defeat him.

Affinities and weaknesses

Kaburagui Leanan Sidhe Woman Genma Kurama Tengu
Physical Physical Physical
shooting shooting shooting To resist
Fire Fire Weak Fire
Ice Weak Ice Block Ice
Electric To resist Electric Electric Weak
Strength Strength Strength Drain
Ruin Block Ruin Block Ruin Block

enemy moves


Speed ​​up Increases action count (allowing Kaburagi to perform two actions on each move).
unfair game Attack with shots at a party member that can cause a decrease in defense.
fatal roulette Attack with a firearm on one or two members of the party.
Speed ​​up Increases the action count (allowing Kaburagi to take two actions per turn).
electric shot Attack with electric shots to a member of the group.
overdrive mode Accumulate power this turn to unleash Execution on the next turn.
Execution Heavy shot damage to the entire party.
Convene Summons a demon to fight alongside him.

Leanan Sidhe Woman

nether veil Weaknesses are protected by an enemy.
Lullaby Deals damage to the entire party and can put party members to sleep.
Media Recover some HP for all enemies.

Genma Kurama Tengu

arm chopper Physical harm to a party member.
Tarukaja Grants attack to up to one enemy.
Mazan Forces damage to the entire party.

battle strategy

Make sure you’re stocked up on consumables before heading into the boss battle, and make sure your team is well equipped with decent gear and appropriate demons (based on the affinities and weaknesses of the enemies mentioned above).

We recommend equipping at least one party member with a demon who can use Dia.

Kaburagi begins the battle with Femme Leanan Sidhe and Genma Kurama Tengu at his side. Make the most of it to hit Kaburagi with an ice move on your first turn.since once it’s the enemy’s turn, Femme Leanan Sidhe will cast Abyssal Veil on him and remove this weakness.


Naturally, you’ll want to focus on hitting all enemies’ weaknesses so you can rack up as many attacks as possible for your Sabbath. Aim to eliminate Femme Leanan Sidhe first so you can get rid of that pesky Abyssal Veil and prevent it from healing Kaburagi’s party.

With Femme Leanan Sidhe gone, focus on Kaburagi as once he falls, the battle is over, regardless of whether any of his demon friends are still standing.

Once you defeat one or both of Kaburagi’s demons, he will eventually summon them back one at a don’t fall into the trap of not dealing enough damage and finding yourself constantly outnumbered.

If Femme Leanan Sidhe manages to inflict Sleep on any of your party members with Lullaby, make sure to keep them awake as soon as possibleas you don’t want to leave them vulnerable to Kaburagi’s special move.

At around 75 percent HP, Kaburagi says he won’t stall anymore and will start using Overdrive mode, charging up his attack, which is then followed by Execute on his next turn.

Execution deals massive damage, so as soon as you see Kaburagi using Overdrive, make sure your entire team uses Guard to reduce the amount of damage they take.

After using Execute, Kaburagi will “recover from knockback” and won’t make any other moves this turn. Heal your party as soon as possible then then resume the plan to take out the annoying Femme Leanan Sidhe as needed and focus on Kaburagi.

Defeating Kaburagi will unlock the ‘A long goodbye’ achievement/trophy

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