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Revenants of the Fallen Legion The fourth chapter really heats up the narrative while also pushing the mechanics a couple of notches. Between floating castles crashing to earth, trials, and literal deities, it all works, all the time. However, it all starts with a strange callback to Chapter One.

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Spring Heel Jack is very similar to a boss you have already defeated: New May Leader. What makes Spring Heel Jack so dangerous, though, is that despite having an exploitable elemental weakness, this guy is pretty much unkillable if you don’t know what you’re doing, and so far he’s the only boss that’s completely Immune to Rushdown. He is quite the boilermaker.


Spring Heel Jack’s attacks

Spring Heel Jack is very clear for the most part. He is based on New May Leader, who in turn, was based on the basic slaughter gunner – a monster you have possibly killed hundreds from by this point. That doesn’t mean he’s not a pushover.

Attack Explanation Worktop
rifle shot This is Spring Heel Jack’s most basic attack. He fires the gun at him. It’s nothing new, you’ve deflected shots before if you’ve made it this far. Parry his shot, but don’t counterattack.
Elemental Change Spring Heel Jack changes the elemental properties of his strikes. It starts out Neutral but can be imbued with any of the three elements. This will make Spring Heel Jack more (or less) dangerous depending on whether the Exemplar sustains any failed parries. You can’t stop it, just be ready to beef up your parries or rotate your group so your front lane isn’t weak to whatever item Spring Heel Jack is selling.
spring heel strike This attack is Spring Heel Jack’s most dangerous attack. Deals a large amount of damage and goes out quickly. Spring Heel Swoop can be stopped, but the timing is incredibly tight. It’s directly tied to defeating Spring Heel Jack (more on that in Mechanics), so you need to practice timing if you want to come out on top.
Fake shot Spring Heel Jack occasionally fakes a shot and then cancels into Spring Heel Swoop. This attack is just Spring Heel Swoop with a hint of trickery. This version of the attack seems to come out faster, which can throw off timings.

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Spring Heel Jack Mechanics

The great trick with Spring Heel Jack is that he is virtually immune to HP damage and he is incredibly resistant to BP damage. Not only that, but Spring Heel Jack too regenerates your BP at an alarming rate. From our tests, we’re pretty sure it’s impossible to break Spring Heel Jack, which means you can’t trust precipitation damage attacks.

The only way to damage Spring Heel Jack is to Perfect Parry his Spring Heel Swoop.. This will be briefly (very briefly…) stagger Spring heeled jack. Any attack while in this state will do. increased HP damage. You have enough time to land a few attacks, maybe a Mortal Blow or two, before he recovers. You will need Perfect Parry Spring Heel Swoop constantly if you want to beat Spring Heel Jack..

What copies to use

Spring Heel Jack is weak to Shock., so any Exemplar that can deal with this element is ideal. At this point in the game, you should have access to Kaliwhich is an excellent DPS. Zulfiqar is also a great first line (as usual). Your backline can be anything, as most of your damage will come from Kali and Zulfiqar.

Remember to use Radiant Smite on Zulfiqar, as it is one of its best Deathblows.

battle strategy

This fight is tough if you can’t get the time down, and a doddle if you can.. This fight is heavily weighted towards the stoppage. more than usual. The trick is not to attack Spring Heel Jack. unless you hit a perfect parry in Spring Heel Swoop. Just any other Perfect Parry don’t wobble itand tends to counter melee attackers with Spring Heel Swoop, which can catch you off guard.

Once you’ve nailed Perfect Parry into the Spring Heel Swoop, you have little time to inflict as much damage as possible. For this you want immediately counter with a Shock-infused Elemental Blade of Kali or Zulfiqar and then follow this with Shock-based deathblows. Our target was Radiant Smite.

While this is happening, attack with basic attacks to build up some mana. You won’t have much time as Spring Heel Jack recovers incredibly quickly from Stagger. If you find yourself low on mana, then consider filling your backline with an Exemplar that can summon a Mana Regen tile. This will provide passive mana regeneration, which will eliminate the need for dangerous mana chains during the fight.

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