How to beat Hornet on Greenpath

After you’ve finished exploring Hollow Knight’s Forgotten Crossroads, defeated the False Knight, and learned how to use Vengeful Spirit, the next area that opens up for you is green trail. Compared to the desolate landscape you just left, it’s a green paradise.

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The main boss of this area is Hornet – an uncorrupted insect with a red cloak that you see at the beginning of your Greenpath exploration. She looks strikingly similar to the protagonist, albeit slightly larger. To continue the game, you will need to defeat her. Don’t worry though; you don’t kill her In fact, she’s getting her own game.


How to Get to Hornet

To get to your boss fight, start from the Greenpath Deer Station. It’s the closest bank, so it will give you the least amount of trouble when you have to make your way of shame back to your Shadow after she kills you. Exit the station and go up.

You will come out of a hole with an overhang above you. Go left and up the overhang, and you’ll see an opening in the wall to your left. That’s the way to Hornet. Head inside.

The path to the sand is a straight line with no enemies. Once you reach the drop just jump down to trigger the boss fight. The first time you do this, you get some nice dialogue with her and your first clue to the overall story of the game.

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How to fight the hornet

Unlike The False Knight, Hornet is fast and has a varied and unpredictable move set. He is smart, capable, and one of the most satisfying fights in the game. For your first try, don’t worry about trying to hit her. keep calm and learn to recognize their attacks.

jump attacks

The first three types of attacks involve Hornet jumping into the air. The Jump Dive involves Hornet jumping into the air and launching himself at you. The easiest evasion tactic is run under it right before it hits you.

Unfortunately, she false jump It starts out as a Jump Dive attack, but just lands back on the ground without attacking. Either way, dodging too quickly can result in doom.

the Yarn Sphere Attack it is different from the other air strikes. Hornet leaps into the air, surrounding himself with glowing threads that damage you if you touch them. Just stay out of the way and take this opportunity to heal.

ground attacks

The second two types of attacks are ground attacks. the half sand thrustwhere Hornet traverses half the length of the area with the needle out, and the needle attackwhere he throws his needle and then withdraws it.

The best strategy to avoid these attacks is to jump. For the push of half sand, jump on it and get a quick back blow. For the needle attack, simply jump as high as you can just before the needle hits you.

when you die

When you get killed in this fight, you Shade will appear in the tunnel before the boss arena. He will come at you quickly, so be ready to fight him as soon as you pass through the opening in the wall.

ending the fight

Once you have enough hits, Hornet stagger. If you don’t need to heal, you can get a few hits in here, but healing should take priority right now. There are no stages to his fight in Greenpath, so once he recovers from his stagger, you’ll continue to face the same set of moves.

Just keep going like this until she leaves the arena, ending the fight. you can pick up the moth wing cape, then continue your exploration of Greenpath. If you don’t know where to go next, I recommend you head as far down As you can.

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