How to be a happier Miami Marlins fan?

It’s a frustrating time to be a Miami Marlins fan. We’re not going to the playoffs and if it wasn’t for the Washington Nationals in our division, we would have been in last place. We have a hitherto largely inept GM *cough* Kim Ng *cough*, a manager who needs to go, and a lineup that badly needs fixing. It’s no surprise that many of us are frustrated and fed up with the franchise, but here’s how you can feel better…

Being a fan of the Miami Marlins can feel so much better.

Imagine being a fan of a team that never made the playoffs, never won a pennant or a World Series, and has been around for nearly 20 years. Imagine that your city has not one but TWO most successful teams. Sounds terrible right? Worse than being a fan of the Miami Marlins? Well, that team later became the most successful in baseball history. The answer to this mystery is, of course, the New York Yankees from 1903 to 1920.

How about a different sport? Imagine being a fan of a team that doesn’t win anything either, maybe a title every 20 years, and is around for a CENTURY. Oh, and your city not only has one of the most successful teams in the history of your sport, but one of the most popular in the world in any sport. Your team gains new owners, becomes richer than your rival team, and becomes an annual contender, while your rivals become an afterthought. The answers here are Manchester City and Manchester United. This fan has always inspired me by the way. A positive South Korean who never stopped supporting the Kansas City Royals.

You never know when the Miami Marlins might land an owner like Steve Cohen, or when Bruce Sherman spends more money. He already spent more than $130 million last offseason. That’s also a reminder not to waste time with toxic narratives that can easily be disproved with basic research. You may also realize that this year’s team isn’t even as bad as it was actually built.

The most important thing to remember is that if you’re a fan of the Miami Marlins, you probably live here. This is your city and this is your team, and getting through the tough times is the right thing to do. Don’t be a fan of the band, those “fans” are not respected. Finally, it’s just a play. Yes, it’s a career for many, but chances are you’re not a player, manager, coach, or even work for The Fish in any way, so don’t take things too seriously. It will be less stressful and more satisfying.

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