How to add styles to storage with locker DIY?

At some point, you may have adopted the use of stickers and sheets of paper in the design of your storage cabinets. They are considered the most elegant means of designing lockers at the time, which makes it an interesting thing for anyone who owns a locker to want to invest in personalizing their locker, making it read like them.

However, there is more to making your locker sound, smell or project your personality than embellishing it with cardboard and artistic drawings.

welcome to 21St. century, where you can achieve more than you can imagine with the right information. By now you should know that your locker is your private space and that you have the power to design it the way you think it should look.

Maybe you don’t know how to design your locker, or you want your lockers To make yourself look more attractive with DIY, here are some of the few important steps to follow to help you bring your imagination to a possibility.

You can design your mood with emoji magnets:

Who says your locker can’t tell us about you? The impression you want people to get from you could start from your locker. So you don’t have to say much because once they see your locker, they fully understand what your mood might be at that moment. One way to accomplish this is to design your locker with emoji magnets.

There are various emoji magnets that you can get and place in your locker depending on how you feel. Regardless of whether you have a plastic or metal locker, various magnets or emoji stickers can be placed on your lockers to help people understand how you are doing.

If you’re away for a while, instead of having a long handwritten sticky note taped to your locker, you could have a plane, train, or car emoji taped to your locker so anyone who sees it knows you’re out of town .

Use clothespins to make photo hangers:

Being creative with your locker is more than just having cardboard or pins hanging around your locker. This is something archaic. Instead, you could have a picture of you and your favorite people hanging in styles with a clothespin.

There are several videos on YouTube on how to handle this. However, you must understand that all of this can be done with little or no effort.

You don’t need glue all over your locker to have your favorite photos.

Have a place for everything:

With paperwork caddy packs, you could have a space for everything. You can achieve storing your valuables in one compartment if you take the time to pack all your assets in one place.

if you have any problems with the organization from your locker, this is a perfect way to solve the problem. With little to no stress, you could have your asset stored in different compartments in one piece.

If you want your storage locker to have its original space, then you need to have this handy means of categorizing lockers to help you store your valuables properly.

Also use shipping bags:

Not all shopping bags should be thrown away and not all should be stored in the kitchen cupboard. You could redesign them so that they can be useful in your lockers.

Have them hang or tape to the walls of your locker to act as a mini storage spot for small assets like your chains, pins, and more. So if you’ve seen these bags as waste, it’s about time you see them for what they should be, storage space for valuables in your locker.

Also, you can use them for other purposes, even at home, apart from having them in your locker.

Your cereal boxes are storage assets:

Have you ever looked at your cereal box and wondered if it could be used for something else besides storing your groceries? If you haven’t, that’s fine. However, it is worth noting that these boxes could be recycled into locker bins.

Yes, you could have a locker where you can dispose of irrelevant papers and other materials you find lying around. You could also redesign them, if you don’t quite agree with the “cereal box” look into a more generalized box.

Having them attached or held by a magnet to the walls of your locker would help beautify your locker and ensure that it is clean and organized.

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