How to add or remove doors and windows

Sometimes in Bear and Breakfast, a room needs more or less windows and doors to achieve Hank’s best space arrangement.

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  • How to build in Bear and Breakfast
  • How to create and delete doors and windows in Bear and Breakfast

bear and breakfast is a management simulator in which players fix up and decorate bed and breakfasts in Hank’s home forest. To make the best possible designs on each of his buildings, Hank must be able to create and destroy new windows and doors.

How to build in Bear and Breakfast

To build or delete a room in bear and breakfast, Hank will first need to head to a workbench. Interact with the workbench by pressing E, then look at the bottom left of the screen. A new menu will appear with a “Build” button, an “Inventory” and a “Create” button.


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  • Build, which looks like a hammer icon, is used to create rooms. Select the type of room, then click and drag to decide the location and dimensions within the space. This icon can be used to build any type of room, including special rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms in bear and breakfast.
  • Craft, which looks like a screwdriver and wrench, is used to create furniture to fill rooms.
  • Inventory, which looks like a small backpack, opens the inventory menu so Hank can place furniture inside the rooms that have been built.

To create and destroy doors and windows in bear and breakfastplayers will need to be in the inventory menu.

How to create and delete doors and windows in Bear and Breakfast

Open the construction menu by interacting with the workbench. There is a collectible trinket further on in bear and breakfast that will give Hank access to the workbench from anywhere, but for now, he will have to walk to the workbench and interact with it. Choose the inventory button.

In the top left corner of the inventory menu is a door icon with a small plus sign. Click here to make a new door, then click again where the door will be placed. It can be rotated by pressing the R button. If the door is red, something is preventing it from being placed there. If it’s blue, then the area is perfect for a new door.

Windows can be added in the same way as doors. Click the little “add window” button in inventory, then rotate it with R. Need to remove a door or window? Select the door or window. Once selected, delete using the DEL key on the keyboard. Most likely, these directions will be slightly different when bear and breakfast It will be released on Nintendo Switch later this year.

bear and breakfast is available for PC and coming to Switch soon.

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