How to add contacts to Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a great way to stay in touch with family, friends, and acquaintances. It is a free app owned by Meta, formerly Facebook Inc., that allows you to send private messages to any of your contacts.

But how can you add contacts to Facebook Messenger? Can you add them on Messenger but not on Facebook? What if they don’t even have Facebook?

If you already have the person you want to interact with as a Facebook friend, you can chat with them through Messenger very easily.

Just open the Messenger app if you have it on your smartphone (or click the service’s icon, which looks like a speech bubble with a lightning bolt inside, via Facebook in your browser).

Go to the To chat interface, at the bottom left of your screen. You can then click Search and view suggested recipients or click the “compose” button, which looks like a little pen inside a square box; in smartphone apps, it’s in the top right of the screen.

Suggested contacts will appear, or you can type a name in the “To:” field to filter that list. All applicable Facebook friends and groups will appear, so just click on the one you want and start talking!

You may have opened Messenger and been surprised to see a list of people you can chat with right away. That’s because Messenger automatically adds your Facebook friends to Messenger.

So what about adding people you know from your smartphone? You may want to add all your contacts (or at least those who use Facebook) to Messenger.

All you need to do is go to your profile by clicking on your photo icon at the top left of your interface. Then tap Phone contacts > Upload contacts.

If you change your mind later, you can go through this process again to get the two out of sync.

How do I sync my contacts from Facebook to Messenger?

You can also open Messenger and navigate to People. You will see a list of friends that are currently active. Tap on the address book symbol at the top right of your screen; this will show you the people who are in your phone’s contact list and who use Facebook. Click on any of them to start chatting.

Can I add someone on Messenger but not on Facebook?

You don’t need to add someone as a friend on Facebook to chat with them on Messenger.

All you have to do is go to Facebook, search for their name and click on the profile of the person you want to chat with. Below your profile picture and banner, you’ll see three icons. You don’t want to click on the ellipses or “Add Friend”. Instead, click Message. This will open the Messenger app and allow you to talk to them.

Can you add someone on Messenger without a Facebook profile?

There used to be easy ways to use Messenger without being on Facebook as well, mostly by adding phone numbers. However, since Facebook’s parent company refocused as Meta, this option disappeared.

However, you don’t need Facebook to use Messenger, or at least you don’t have to be active on Facebook to still use the chat feature. However, the onus here falls on the person you are trying to connect with. If you can chat with them elsewhere, you may need to guide them to join Facebook, deactivate their account (but don’t delete it!), and then connect on Messenger.

Basically, anyone can use Messenger as long as they’ve had a Facebook account at some point and haven’t deleted it. In this case, you should be able to add them as you would anyone else, i.e. through your contact list if you have them in your address book, or by clicking Message in your deactivated profile.

Why can’t I add someone on Messenger?

This is likely because they just aren’t on Messenger! Another possibility, if you’re looking for him using his phone number, is that he hasn’t been added to Facebook. Messenger can’t connect to something it doesn’t know exists.

If you haven’t done it yourself, go to your profile, then tap Mobile number > Add mobile number and add your number. Facebook will send you a verification code via text message to verify that it is correct.

This has some benefits, including resetting your password if you’re having trouble logging in and receiving SMS notifications about your account.

The downside is that you’re giving away more information about yourself: Facebook uses this to “enhance personalized ads,” meaning if you buy something from a store by clicking on Facebook, all that data is linked to you. Social media apps don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to taking care of your privacy…

However, in most cases, Facebook must link people without their phone numbers, so if you can’t find someone, just talk to them and ask if they can connect in the app. If they don’t use it, they will tell you. If they do, they will tell you the best way to connect with them.

How do I delete Messenger chats?

Let’s say you now have a lot of open chat threads in Messenger and you want to close some of them. You have a few options for deleting conversations. In case you were wondering, blocking someone won’t delete chats in Messenger, but you won’t be able to send new messages from that account.

So how can you delete old messages on Messenger?

Open Messenger, and then touch and hold the conversation thread you want to get rid of. A box will open below with numerous options. From here you can Silencewhich means that you will not receive notifications from that person, Eraseeither File, Archive.

You can find the latter by going to your profile picture and then tapping archived chats. This is probably the best option, as these conversations won’t litter your feed, but they’re still just a couple of taps away.

Add friends on Messenger with ease!

Now you can easily stay in touch with your family and friends through Facebook and its associated Messenger app. Of course, there are plenty of instant messaging alternatives out there, but if you intend to stick with Meta, you can at least make sure your chats are safe by keeping them encrypted as well.

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