How to add contacts in Outlook

Outlook is the number one email service provided by Microsoft. The third most popular email service, Outlook comes with a ton of features. Whether it’s managing your calendars, creating new meetings, or scheduling your emails, Outlook can help you do it all from one place.

Another such feature is the ability to add contacts to Outlook. You can add information such as name, email address, phone number, address, etc., to these contacts later. Let’s see how to start.

How to add contacts in Outlook

Once you’ve added the contacts to your Outlook account, you can simply type the contact’s name and Outlook will autocomplete the email for you.

To add a person as your contact, go to the email sent by them and click on their name in the To, Cc, Bcc, or From line. go to the Contact section and select Add contacts. In the next window, add all the details you want to fill in and click To create.

create contacts in Outlook

Another way to add contacts in Outlook

That is one of the ways to add a contact in Outlook. But that is not the only one. Alternatively, you can add contacts directly from a separate section, without going into emails.

To add the contacts in an alternative way, select People from the left side of the main menu. From there, select the Add contact button.

add a new contact in outlook

Enter information such as First Name, Last Name, and any other relevant notes you want to add. If you click Add more, you’ll see a host of other fields you can fill in: email address, work, address, etc. In fact, you can even put a picture for your contacts.

When you’re done adding the fields, just click To create.

For Outlook app

The above methods only apply to Outlook web. If you are using the Outlook app [Outlook 2013 and over], however, then your steps will be slightly different. That is how:

In the Outlook app, click the People bottom left corner option. From there, under Home tab on the Headbandclick on the New contact in the “New” section in the upper left corner.

You will see a new window. Enter your contact details here and click save close option to save the contact.

Editing the contacts

Once you’ve added the contacts, you can also edit them later for any reason you need. That is how:

In your Outlook account, go to the People left corner section. From there, select the contact you want to update and click Edit Contact. In the new dialog, you can edit all the information you want.

edit outlook contacts

Add contacts in Outlook

If there are people you interact with on a daily basis, it might be a good idea to add the contacts to your Outlook account. Not only does it help you email multiple contacts directly from one place, but it also helps you keep your important contacts together.

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