How to activate the new Google AI generative search experience

For some users, Google has completely overhauled AI search, powering what it calls the “Generative Search Experience.” While the experience is limited, some users have the option to turn it on now. Here’s how to turn on Generative Search Experience (SGE) and Google with AI.

It’s easy to assume that most people are used to the Google search experience we’ve known and loved for years. While the foundation remains the same, things are starting to change a bit, with a Google experience being enhanced by smarter, more contextual, and more dynamic results.

Using the progress Google has made with AI to this point, the company is overhauling Search with several new AI features and tools under the Generative Search Experience umbrella. That includes new AI-powered snapshots, which show quick, contextual results for your query or prompt. Instead of reciting links, Google Search will develop a summary in response to the question using multiple sources, shown to the right.

On top of that, the SGE is meant to facilitate conversations. In effect, this means that you can continue to ask follow-up questions and learn more as questions arise. This feature is a breath of fresh air compared to the standard search without AI, which requires additional and alternatively worded searches. Instead of starting over, simply ask for a quick follow up and get relevant information for the entire conversation.

Since the program is in its early stages, there are a couple of criteria that must be met before users can activate the feature in Search. users need have registered in Labs and Be a Google One Premium subscriber (more than 2TB). These limitations are temporary, but that’s the way it is at the time of writing this article. Even if you’re not a subscriber, sign up for the free labs anyway because that restriction could eventually drop.

We have a comprehensive guide on how to sign up for SGE Lab, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Once you have signed up for Labs, complete the following:

  1. In Google search – mobile or web – search the laboratories icon. Click or tap on it.
  2. Look for the SGE card. Tap or click the switch so it is set to “on”.
  3. Hit I agree.

Once you do that, you’ll have access to Google’s new AI generative search experience. Our breakdown of the current state of the feature is a helpful guide to using it, although the best approach is to ask natural questions that you wouldn’t normally be able to ask on Google with much success.

If you’re not a Google One subscriber, don’t worry. The SGE feature will likely be on the way for others who have signed up for the preview lab, though it may take a bit of time.

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