How Fighter’s Copy Ability Could Translate To Mainline Games

kirby it’s been through a lot of copy abilities over the years, and some have held up longer than others. The ones found in kirby superstar They’re usually a solid set representing both some of the more common abilities like Sword, Fire, and Bomb, as well as some rarely seen ones like Copy and Jet. The powers Kirby brings to the table vary with each title, but they’re guaranteed to They’ll be fun and useful in a variety of situations, though Wrestler Copy Abillity is one to watch out for.


The variety found within Copy Abilities has continued to grow over the years, with new versions such as their candy forms in Kirby’s Dream Buffet either robot planetRobobot modes add to his legacy. Sometimes, however, a copy ability is introduced into a kirby I play and never come back. Having two or three appearances in the series is pretty common, but only a few powers have been one-times. animals of Kirby: Squeak Squad is an example, and Globe of the only Kirby: Curse of the Canvas is another one. However, sometimes it’s not the uniqueness that negates an ability’s return, but too much crossover with other powers. It’s still pretty new, but that may end up being the case with the copy fighter ability.

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How he became a fighter in Kirby Fighters 2

Before one can talk about Wrestler, it is necessary to cover various copy abilities that were fused into him. The first ones are Throw and Backdrop, both with scarves of different colors. Both were featured in Kirby’s Adventure, and they serve somewhat similar roles. Throw allows Kirby to shoot an enemy in multiple directions, while Backdrop performs a spectacular finishing move instead. For the moment kirby superstar rolled, the Backdrop had become the slightly more complex Suplex, giving Kirby a few more options on how to grab and throw enemies. Fighter, another copy skill that uses a bandana as a disguise, was also introduced in kirby superstar.

These three abilities have come and gone in various games, though Fighter was by far the most common of them. Eventually the kirby fighters the parallel series began, with Fighter an obvious central character. Finally, kirby fighters 2 was announced as a standalone title on the Nintendo Switch, and introduced several new playable characters and abilities to the fray. Fighter was still there, but next to him was a hybrid of Fighter and Suplex known as Wrestler. It’s hard to describe him any other way, as he inherited Suplex’s different throwing techniques, as well as Fighter’s propensity for hand-to-hand combat. He may be a bit slower and heavier, but his inspirations are clear.

How Wrestler Could Fit Into A New Kirby Game

Thanks to what it is, there are actually a lot of good reasons why the Fighter ability should show up on another kirby play. now that kirby is delving into the realm of 3D, the previous abilities of Suplex and Throw won’t work as well as they used to. They were always intended to be more cinematic and flashy than other abilities, and Throw was even conceptualized as an upgrade to Kirby’s basic inhale and spit stars. The small, niche movesets these abilities came with wouldn’t work in the modern kirby atmosphere, no matter how cool they are.

Introduces the Fighter skill. Wrestler invalidates all melee Copy Abilities except Fighter, and serves as a nice counter. Wrestler’s basic moveset works like Fighter’s, but focuses entirely on heavy melee punches flavored with professional wrestling maneuvers rather than the usual ones. Street Fighter moves Fighter uses. This is enough to build up a full Kirby moveset, with the throwing tree accessible via a dash grab as usual. Also, more 3D addresses mean potentially new releases. It would be great to see what HAL Laboratory comes up with for a modern version of Wrestler. Hopefully, his appearance in a recent Switch game means he gets a chance to make his kirby Platform game debut soon.

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