How Amy’s role in Sonic Frontiers compares to previous games

sonic frontiers it’s an upcoming open world Sonic the Hedgehog game still shrouded in mystery. As the calendar approaches the game’s release date in early November, there are still more questions than answers. Whereas the Sonic The franchise has a wide cast of characters to choose from, sonic frontiers appears to be operating with a more limited cast. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy have all been confirmed to return to the game along with series villain Dr. Eggman. Amy initially appeared in sonic cd and had a role worthy of a damsel in distress. Amy has made strange decisions in Sonic games over the years, but she remains a constant in the franchise.


While it’s never clear if Amy and Sonic are actually a couple or if she’s just his biggest fan, Sonic clearly has a soft spot for her. multiple trailers for sonic frontiers have gone to great lengths to show Amy and Sonic interacting, with the latter rescuing the former from a jewel-shaped trap. Considering we’ve already seen Sonic rescue Amy at least once during sonic frontiersmany players wonder what kind of role Amy will play during the rest of the game and if sonic frontiers it will operate as an arch of redemption for her. The clues revealed so far seem to indicate that the latter is more likely.

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Amy’s role in Sonic Frontiers explained

the plot of sonic frontiers is still very secret, but it has been confirmed that sonic frontiers The story revolves around the recovery of memories and that will affect the game. The game will move between non-linear open world exploration zones and more linear cyberspace levels reminiscent of older titles. The duality of bringing something old with something new makes many players curious about the exact nature of Amy’s role in the game.

In both sonic adventure games, Amy takes a supporting role and mostly moves the story forward by needing Sonic’s help or making questionable decisions based on her feelings for him. in the ill-fated sonic 06, she inadvertently helps the game’s villain and causes more headaches than anything else. sonic frontiers seeks to take a different path. Not unlike the Koroks in breath of the wild or the Chao in sonic adventure, sonic frontiers will feature a collectible species known as Kocos. Kocos will be hidden throughout the game’s environments, and Amy will be essential in collecting Kocos. By collecting Kocos, players can upgrade Sonic through the game’s skill tree and unlock new combat abilities, among other perks.

While more remains to be revealed, the choice of having Amy’s presence positively affect the game is stark compared to her appearances in previous games. It’s a way of channeling her feelings for Sonic into something tangible and mutually beneficial for him and players alike. The presence of Kocos already has nostalgia alerts for long-time fans of the series, with many gamers curious as to whether they will serve as a new version of the Chao Garden from the beginning. sonic adventure Serie. If that’s the case, then Amy’s role goes from supportive to significant and is a sea change for a character who initially slowed down the titular hedgehog.

As confirmed by the plot revolving around lost memories and the game’s linear cyberspace levels that are remixed versions of levels from previous levels. Sonic games, it seems sonic frontiers it will make the old feel new. By reimagining the series’ longtime speed-based gameplay in sprawling open environments and giving polarizing characters like Amy Rose a new sense of purpose, it’s clear that sonic frontiers hopes to demonstrate a new future for the series by honoring its past. Fortunately, the long wait is almost over.

sonic frontiers launches November 8 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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