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It’s always a busy time in the mobile industry, but last week was different for a different reason than usual: Gamescom. I’m sure you saw us there, running from booth to booth, or maybe you caught up with us at our Top 50, Big Indie Pitch, or Metaverse Mixer awards.

While the M&A train slowed down a bit, we were able to take a look at some more financials, spy on some new initiatives, and hear from some great experts from across the industry, and that was just on the website, before we even talked about the event.

Below are the top five stories on the site from the last seven days.

1) Top 50 Mobile Game Creators of 2022

Unsurprisingly, our Top 50 Mobile Game Creators article has had a lot of eyes on it. It’s a celebration of the last year in the industry, all the M&A activity, new games and deals. Interestingly, this year, more than 15 companies entered or re-entered the Top 50 this time,

2) How level design saved a game with 20% R1

Dmitry Zusman from Azur Games told us how they turned their game from a flop into a title that remained profitable for over two years. It’s a fascinating read on how certain details can take a game from fast to one with higher audience retention.

3) East Cruise: How to Successfully Localize a Game to Arabic

Another kindly invited post. This time Inlingo and Belka Games discussed the challenges and opportunities arising from localization/adaptation to the MENA market. An important article on how to reach non-sinistrodextral linguistic regions.

4) Amazon is allegedly making an offer to acquire EA

While the story has now spun, earlier in the week GLHF received word from their sources that Amazon would be moving to EA. EA has been repositioning itself for the acquisition since earlier this year, and Amazon was in the running…so it seems like a believable rumour. Still, it seems that it was not going to be – these things happen.

5) Hasbro’s digital gaming expansion is on the move to make its own video games.

Hasbro’s ambitions are shifting towards games in a gesture that looks like there will be more in-house development (and perhaps less licensing). It’s very interesting and comes at the same time that Mattel is moving to expand its digital game offerings. Could War of the Toys be back on the map?


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