Hillary Clinton comes to town and has her private dinner ritual with longtime friends

There are afternoons.

And then there was a night last Monday in by Hillary Rodham Clinton Chicago Private Hours.

Publicly, Hillary attended a reception at the governor’s house. J.B. Pritzker and wife, mk pritzker before Hillary’s speech at the Riviera Theatre, where she called donald trump “a cult leader”.

What was not reported? The decades-old private ritual of one of the world’s most powerful women that takes place every time she’s in Chicago.

Clinton, 75, who came close to becoming our nation’s first female president, dined privately once again with her beloved Park Ridge elementary and middle school classmates.

Every time Hillary’s in town, it’s always been like this.

And Sneed took a look.

Monday at 9:15 p.m. phil stefani and his wife, Karen, close friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton since 1992.

Huma Abedin, Hillary’s top aide and Illinois First Lady MK Pritzker were also in tow.

So while Hillary and her classmates Bonnie Klehr, Ann Drake, Don Moel, Patsy Bowles, Ernie Ricketts, Tom Ebeling, Judy Osgood and joel platt he chattered at one of the two tables at Stefani’s private buffet dinner; the rest, including the bodyguards, joined in the fun at the second table.

“I laughed so hard I had to take a nap the next day,” said MK Pritzker, who describes Hillary as “a role model, an inspiration.”

“We were both born in the Midwest, and [Hillary] He has a great western sensibility that I admire. She is amazing.”

Multiple sources have told Sneed that the affection is mutual. Stay tuned.

“We all have so many old school stories to trade,” said schoolmate Bonnie Klehr. “Voices speaking all at once, grateful to be together.

“Usually we take a break from politics, just celebrate each other… and compare knees; a lifetime of shared memories; the days we did things together; catch up with family; celebrating our grandchildren now.

“Always trying to remember what year we did what we did in school,” he said.

“I think you could say we’ve spent our entire lives getting to know each other, keeping it personal and close,” Klehr said. “Where Hillary, who can be hysterically funny, can be herself. We were just grateful to be together, still there for each other.”

Several hours later, a weary Clinton toasted the Stefanis to their generosity and friendship, sadly noting how much she missed her best friend forever. Betsy Ebelling, who died two years ago, and expressed sadness at the recent death of a classmate Hardy Moel.

Then the Clinton entourage left with plans to meet again.

“It was wonderful,” Klehr said. “We all feel so blessed to have found each other and been able to hold on to each other through thick and thin all these years.

“And I guess it’s also a chance to go back to that time when we were so young and anything was possible.”

Love that!

dinosaur story

Please don’t look down on poor Sue.

Sue is not going to do Boo Hoo!

Recent news that “Sue,” the famous T. rex, “banned” from the Field Museum’s main hall years ago and soon replaced by a four-foot-long predatory spinosaurus dinosaur, doesn’t make its discoverer unhappy.

“It’s a good thing,” said paleontologist Sue Hendrickson, who found the iconic T. rex in the Dakotas years ago with her golden retriever, Gypsy.

“I am delighted,” said Hendrickson, the namesake of the world’s most intact T-rex skeleton, unveiled in 2000 at the museum.

“I think that was the original plan years ago when Sue finally moved into her own private space in the museum instead of being dwarfed in the huge entrance hall of the museum,” she told Sneed by phone Wednesday. “I was delighted with the move back then.

“The museum’s plan to unveil a cast of the massive Spinosaurus, a fearsome beast that will hang from the museum’s entrance, is brilliant. Bravo.”


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