hidden video game achievements

Most of the game’s achievements are straightforward and will unlock in due course, such as collecting specific items or defeating certain enemies. Many achievements are hidden because they contain content that would break certain events in the game, others are kept hidden to make it more difficult for players to discover and obtain. For completionist players, collecting all achievements is a must, but they must use the power of the internet to discover hidden achievements.

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some games like consequences 4 hiding all their achievements on Steam to keep players in the dark regarding the game’s story, but it’s highly unlikely that the average gamer would be able to get all the achievements without checking the internet.



6 Fector’s Challenge

Stardew Valley Farm

Journey of the Prairie King is a game within stardew valley Drop of Stars Hall. The Journey of the Prairie King is a top-down shooter with players fighting waves of zombies. Players have plenty of power-ups to collect and a purchase system to keep players ahead.

There are two Journey of the Prairie King achievements, the first is simply completing the game. The second achievement is a secret and requires players to complete the minigame without dying even once. The minigame is long and will cause players to slip once to their death, causing their run to reset. Players interested in making a finalist run for stardew valley You will need to complete Fector’s Challenge.

Beating Journey of the Prairie King rewards players with a Prairie King arcade system that will be delivered by mail the next day. Unfortunately, players who complete the game without taking damage once do not receive any special rewards other than the Fector’s Challenge achievement.

5 dark lord

dark souls bonfire

There is more than one ending to Dark souls, but most gamers only know one. After defeating Gwyn, most players will find a bonfire to rest. After a boss fight, players began to wait for a bonfire to appear so they could rest.

Depending on how committed players are to the story during their first game, most players were unaware of any alternative other than to sacrifice themselves. Leaving the boss’s lair without lighting the bonfire will grant players the Dark Lord achievement.

Fortunately, finishers will still be able to get this achievement in an NG+ run and get all the achievements on a single character.

4 Doorbell!

limbo boss

Collectibles are a hallmark of many old-school video games. for example in resident evil 4, players must destroy blue medallions in many areas of the game. In Limbo, there are hidden eggs in various levels of the game. Players will need to collect 10 hidden eggs in specific chapters and complete the game.

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After completing the game and collecting 10 eggs, players will be able to access a secret chapter. The secret level is challenging and will require many tries to complete. Secret levels are always rewarding to explore, especially when players have already completed a game. Having new content to play with a secret achievement will make any player feel rewarded.

3 bright rainbow

MHW boss fight

Monster Hunter: World It is full of wildlife that is colorful and pretty. Many of the species in the game are hard to find and will go unnoticed by most players. Each creature has its habits, the special area it recedes into, and other factors such as time. There are many guides to help players find rare endemic life in Iceborne and the base game. Finding all the rare creatures is an added layer of content that many players will enjoy as a side quest.

The Hercudromous Prism is a rare creature that will only reveal itself during sunrise and sunset as it has a twilight schedule. The Hercudromic Prism is a glowing, rainbow-colored beetle that many players don’t know exists.

Bug catching is an attractive side activity within monster hunter: world, as players can display their rare catches in their homes. Keeping achievements hidden rewards players for exploring and does not break any in-game content.

2 Career!

fo4 raider

All the achievements of consequences 4 They are hidden on Steam. Before the war, Diamond City was a ballpark, but the true nature of the sport has died out. The Fallout folks have created a much more violent recreation of baseball that would make for a fun but brutal game. There are many hidden details that most players don’t know about Diamond City, many of which are trivia of our non-nuclear modern life.

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There are four baseball bases in Diamond City in a pentagonal shape. They start near Publick Occurrences and will require players to start at first base and run to their home run. After hitting the home run correctly, players will get the Secret Home Run! achievement.

The chances of a player discovering this on their own are low, but change if they are a fan of baseball. As suggested by the developers, the Diamond City security guards will drop hints on how the bases work. Additionally, the bases are numerically numbered I through III to help players know where to start.

1 How did we get here?

minecraft cover

Minecraft achievements are generally ignored as players have seen them multiple times each time they play a new world. New achievements are constantly being added to the game, with the most recent addition being the Minecraft Sneaky Achievement 100. There are only a few hidden achievements in Minecraft, but one of them is extremely rare. “How We Got Here” requires players to have all possible status effects active.

Preparing for this achievement will require a lot of time and items. Players will need to have 20 status effects active at a time. Many guides create an easy-to-follow process to help players earn the achievement. It is recommended to do this achievement in an advanced world with lots of resources, as players will require a wide variety of potions.

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