Here’s some baseball trivia with some help from the readers.

On February 1, 1982, late-night television (and comedy in general) was forever changed with the debut of “Late Night With David Letterman” on NBC. For me, it was transcendental. As great as Dave’s failed morning show was, this one was even more amazing because it broke the mold of the boring “Tonight Show.” As much as Dave loved Johnny Carson, he managed to find a new form of comedy by not being Johnny. . Stupid Pet/Human Tricks, Velcro Wall, Monkey-Cam, Stump the Band, Hello Deli gags, The Top 10 List and Dave’s Record Collection were just a few of Letterman’s best parts. One of my favorites was called ”Viewer Mail” on NBC. He became the ”CBS Mail” when the show moved to CBS in 1993. And that’s why we’re talking about Dave today. In today’s quiz, we feature several emails from the Quizmaster mailbox. And in the words of David Letterman, “This is not a competition; it’s just an exhibition. Please, no gambling.”

1. “Know him, love him, can’t live without him: Paul Shaffer, ladies and gentlemen!” David Letterman had infinite respect for his bandleader and fellow comedian, Paul Shaffer. “Paul is essential,” Letterman said. ”It’s a long journey. And Paul is the fun flight attendant.” With that in mind, “You know her, you love her, you can’t live without her: Tracey Labovitz, ladies and gentlemen!” Tracey is the talented person who designs the test each week, and I guarantee you would never enjoy it this much without his skills.Tracey’s parents always told her that she interrupted the Cubs game on July 15, 1969 to be born.The second-place Mets beat the first-place Cubs that day. Who was the manager of the Cubs?

a. charley grimm

b. leo durocher

c. Pete Reiser

d. whitey lockman

2. Here’s one of Nick Z, whose birthday is March 15. Here are four players who were born on the Ides of March. Put them in order of WAR (according to Baseball-Reference).

a. harold baines

b. bobby bonds

c. kevin yukilis

d. locker bob

3. Gary M. gave me the year 1973 to consider. Here we go: The 1973 Major League Baseball season was the first for the designated hitter in the American League. Who was the first DH?

a. Ron Bloomberg c. Orlando Cepeda

b. mike andrews d. tony olive

4. Larry R. asked me to think of something about March 14, 1950, presumably his date of birth. It’s definitely the birthdate of Dave McKay, who was the starting third baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays on their first Opening Day in 1977. What makes McKay remarkable?

a. He was a switch hitter.

b. He was the first base coach for the Cubs in 2012-13.

c. In one season, he hit more triples than home runs.

d. He was the only Canadian on the Blue Jays’ original roster.

me. All previous.

5. The Seattle Pilots and Kansas City Royals expansion draft took place on October 15, 1968, which means that was his birth date. Hall of Famer Hoyt Wilhelm (who pitched for the Cubs and White Sox) was taken the 49th player in that draft. Reader Jay H. is interested in a question about his date of birth, December 12, 1968. That was the date one of the two teams made their first trade, trading Wilhelm to the Angels for the immortals Ed Kirkpatrick. and Dennis Paepke. Who made that deal, the Pilots or the Royals?

6. Don R. wants us to think about May 9, 1981, the date of his first baseball date with his (now) wife. In that game, the White Sox beat the Royals 3-0. Richard Dotson pitched a complete-game shutout. The Sox had eight shutouts that season. Six were complete games, and two were with two pitchers. In 2022, the Sox have thrown 14 shutouts. Dylan Cease threw out the only complete game. What is the most pitchers the Sox used to shutout in 2022?

a. 6 c. 5

b. 4 d. 3

7. Ron SL. he asked me about 1964, one of my favorite MLB seasons. In the 1964 World Series, the Cardinals beat the Yankees. The day after the game, the victorious coach resigned. Later that day, the losing manager was fired. Who were these two directors?

a. Johnny Keane

b. red schoendienst

c. Yogi Berra

d. ralph houk

8. David Letterman’s CBS debut was August 30, 1993. August 30 is the birth date of which of the following legends?

a. ted williams

b. mcgraw tugboat

c. Larry ‘Bud’ Melman

d. the test master

9. When Letterman first introduced the mailbag on his show, Paul Shaffer performed “We’ve Got Letters,” the love letter theme song from the old Perry Como show. When the show moved to CBS, Paul he changed the theme to “Please, Mr. Postman,” a song the Beatles covered on “With the Beatles” in 1963. Who sang the original hit?

a. The Ronettes

b. the wonders

c. ray heatherton

d. the postmen

I’m sorry if I couldn’t access your date/year request this week. There are many weeks of Hot Stove to fill so please be patient. Stay healthy and have a great week.


1. Leo Durocher managed the Cubs that season. The Miracle Mets won it all in 1969.

two. Bob Locker pitched for both Chicago teams and had 10.2 WAR. ”Youk” played for both the Red Sox and White Sox and had 32.4 WAR. Hall of Famer Harold Baines had a 38.8 WAR. And Bobby Bonds, who also played for both Chicago teams, had 57.8 WAR. Neither he nor his son are in the Hall.

3. While Mike Andrews was the first DH from the White Sox, Ron Blomberg from the Yankees was the first DH to appear in the American League. His autobiography is titled “Designated Hebrew: The Ron Blomberg Story.”

Four. All previous. In 1978, the switch-hitting Vancouver-born McKay hit seven home runs and eight triples. He was on Dale Sveum’s coaching staff.

5. Paepke played 80 games with the Royals, and Kirkpatrick played 613 games with them. Wilhelm, the 46-year-old knuckleballer, pitched in another 133 games before retiring on July 10, 1972, just 16 days shy of his 50th birthday.

6. In 2022, the Sox used five pitchers three times to shutout. In 2002, they pitched a six-pitcher shutout against the Royals.

7. On October 16, 1964, Johnny Keane, the Cardinals’ manager, resigned. Hours later, Yankees general manager Ralph Houk fired Yogi Berra. Less than a week later, Houk replaced Berra with Keane. The Cardinals replaced Keane with Red Schoendienst. And Berra became a coach for the Mets, led by Casey Stengel.

8. Calvert Grant DeForest, also known as Larry ”Bud” Melman, was born on July 23. The other legends were born on August 30.

9. “Please, Mr. Postman” was the debut single by The Marvelettes and the first Motown song to reach the number 1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart.

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