Here’s an audio of Ron DeSantis’ secret ’24 report to donors

It doesn’t matter dash Twitter Spaces. governor Ron DeSantis The leading pollster told his supporters that many fundamentals show he has a good path to the White House.

Interviewer ryan tyson he assured the donors gathered at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami that DeSantis is starting the race in good shape. Audio obtained by Florida Politics shows the campaign excited by the national notoriety DeSantis already enjoys and confidence in his position against the former president. donald trump it will only get better with time.

“He is known to as many primary voters as the president and is more beloved,” Tyson said. “That is the first problem that I feel that Donald Trump has in these primaries. The negatives of him are too high. And I will also say this. The number 1 most effective and efficient driver of the negative aspects of Donald Trump is Donald Trump.”

While outside polls have shown Trump with a increasing the advantage over DeSantis in numerous early states, Tyson in his comments to donors focused on the image polls for the two leading Republican candidates. In Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, DeSantis has higher favorability ratings among likely primary and caucus participants.

“The more the governor becomes known to the few who don’t know who he is, we realize the only voters he’s losing are the center-left,” Tyson said. “If those are voters in a Republican primary, I’m more than happy to throw them out.”

Tyson’s poll shows that voters believe DeSantis is more conservative than Trump, an important metric for primary voters. The percentage of voters who classify DeSantis as “very conservative” is between 43% and 50% in the first states.

Perhaps most surprising, voters give DeSantis very high marks on his readiness to serve as president. Some 62% of Iowa voters surveyed feel he’s ready.

Net readiness ratings for DeSantis top Trump’s, even though Trump has already served one term as president.

Tyson identifies structural challenges for DeSantis. About 35% of voters surveyed said they would only consider voting for Trump. Also, so-called “Never Trumpers” generally fall left of center among Republican voters, finding DeSantis too much like Trump to support him.

But even before DeSantis launched his presidential campaignTyson found a comparable number of voters, 25%, who were ready to compromise with the Governor.

Tyson suggests that other candidates in the field besides Trump and DeSantis have failed to find traction, and that won’t change.

“After my field research, I would tell you that voters fundamentally don’t buy what those candidates are selling today,” he said. “They just don’t. You can see in their messages that they just don’t speak to the actual Republican primary voters in the country today.”

There is another group of voters who just want a candidate who can beat the president. Joe Biden, and Tyson said those voters will likely gravitate toward DeSantis in the end. “They’re just waiting for him to come out and give them a reason to vote for him,” Tyson said.

Beyond the White House, Tyson also suggested that DeSantis could create queues in a way that Trump has never done.

“It’s not just about him,” Tyson said. “This is about bringing people together with the party and rebuilding the party so that we can win those state legislative seats, we can win those congressional seats, we can win back the Senate.”

It documented the support already shown in DeSantis’ trips to early states. But Tyson also said the campaign sees the ability to go after delegates even in a prolonged Primary. He said an organization already exists in states like California, where a fair number of delegates will be up for grabs, even if the state leans Democratic overall.

But Tyson also suggested that the contest, if not resolved soon, will come down to a state where DeSantis knows he can perform: Florida.

“We will probably know who the nominee is after the state of Florida votes. March 19thTyson said. “Florida is a winner-take-all state.”

Just last year, DeSantis won a landslide reelectionand their organization largely remains in place.

Questions were raised about the difficult launch, carried out on Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk but only after technical difficulties delayed the start of an interview by half an hour. But campaign officials stressed that this was only the first media announcement DeSantis had made on the day of his launch. He followed that up with ads on Fox News, radio host mark levin and other venues with large audiences.

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