Here comes the Sun; Dawson Creek City Publishes SOFI List

Known colloquially as the “sunshine list,” the city of Dawson Creek released its annual salary list, highlighting that employees draw more than $75K in salaries from the township.

The consolidated total of employees with remuneration and expenses greater than $75,000 add up to 7,453,472.36 and the consolidated total of other employees with remuneration and expenses equal to or less than $75,000 is equal to 4,387,928.50. The city council approved and approved the list at its meeting on May 28.

This equates to a City of Dawson Creek payroll of 11,841,400.86.

Aaroe, D Director of Infrastructures 132,323.65

Anderson, J RCMP – ME Supervisor 94,854.39

Arcand, T IT Manager 94,084.72

Atkinson, M Financial Services Manager 100,167.73

Bowen, J Facilities Maintenance 77,937.33

Broughton, R Mechanical Foreman – First Class 87,200.20

Bruhs, D Trucker/Worker 83,712.89

Brunn, S Equipment operator 82,410.66

Burritt, J Firefighter- 10 Year 131,973.72

Caldecott, J Dep. Corporate Officer-Alternate 94,131.19

Capelle, M Fire Chief 153,150.51

Carpenter, JBombero- 10 Year 140,140.42

Darnbrough, W Dev. Manager 104,311.98

Davoren, K Firefighter 1st Class 122,906.23

Doucette, J Treatment Plant Operator 95,289.31

Eichelberger, a systems administrator. 84,309.48

English, R Firefighter- – 3rd Class 103,435.67

Farquhar, B WTP Senior Operator 91,569.73

Fritsche, M Firefighter – Captain 166,873.22

Fritshaw, L Firefighter- 10 Year 127,321.10

Garvin, L Trucker/Laborer 82,014.99 –

Ginter, a corporate officer 137,606.95

Gourley, K Equipment Operator 80,515.02

Gower, Firefighter B – Captain 163,200.58

Greek, T Building Inspector II 86,174.97

Hawkins, J Public Works Manager 96,903.38

Henderson, K Gen. Man Infras. and development 150,948.80

Henrickson, S Director of statutes 84,869.21

Hetenyi, T Tourism Coordinator 81,107.36

Huttema, R Responsible for fire prevention 167,946.04

Iskender, a firefighter – 3rd class 102,371.37

Kerbrat, G Firefighter- 10 Year 133,377.80

Larson, S Equipment operator 86,384.26

Lazinchuk, Firefighter B – 2nd Class 107,342.67

Lekstrom, B Administrative Director 204,699.28

Lowes, Firefighter B- 3rd Class 109,600.71

Matwichuk, T WTP Operator 97,617.93

McCauley, M Payroll and Benefits 84,902.56

McLain, G Pool maintenance operator 78,430.35

Meeres, C Firefighter – Captain 155,898.68

Mills, C Services Manager 108,998.12

Mottishaw, C Emergency Manager 88,285.88

Mottishaw, J Capital Projects Manager 98,294.11

Murphy, V Aquatic Coordinator 95,693.11

Nelson, B Facilities Maintenance 80,180.77

Newman, B Worker 77,398.52

Oliver, E Community Service Man. 104,797.18

Ortman, D Operator of WWTP IIII 99,357.05

Patterson-Elden, C General Man, of Comm, 151,446.69

Pearson, W Firefighter- 15 years 144,490.62

Pelletier, PGIS Technician 75,222.43

Peters, M Equipment operator 80,743.26

Piazza, J Facilities Maintenance 76,837.79

Pickett, T Deputy Fire Chief 175,286.44

Potratz, B Electrical and Inst. Technology 89,159.09

Reitsma, firefighter K – Captain 166,252.57

Richmond, R Firefighter- 10 Year 127,312.15

Rosa, B Welder 89,766.43

Smith, J Supervisor of Public Services 101,755.43

Sterling, M Public Relations 98,897.53

St. Germain, Firefighter B- 10 Year 125,616.08

St. Julian, R Mechanic – First Class 94,321.58

Sutton, M Firefighter- 15 Year 141,169.12

Sweezey, M Manager of Parks and Facilities 103,443.74

Torre G Treatment Plant Operator Under Training 90,028.58

Valentín, HCE Manager 102,853.57

Vetter, T Financial Director 145,437.92

Vreeling, C Mechanic 85,768.25

Wozniak, K Assistant Engineer II 82,153.57

Yerbury, D Equipment operator 94,820.94