Hellblade Creator Denies Using AI Voice Actors In Upcoming Games

Clearing up some concerns from both voice actors and players, Hellblade developer Ninja Theory has confirmed that it will not be using AI technology to replace voice actors in its video games.

For context, a recent report dove into new artificial intelligence technology from Altered AI, a company that’s working to give game developers the ability to “create compelling, professional voice acting” without the need to cast actors. human voice. Apparently, this new technology allows developers to simply submit a recording of what they want to say along with the appropriate inflection, and the technology produces a performance for in-game use.

Ninja Theory was listed in the report as one of the developers using this Altered AI technology, raising concerns that authentic human performances would not be present in the studio’s games, such as the upcoming Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II.

However, the developer has confirmed that’s not the case, explaining how it actually uses AI technology in Twitter.

“For clarity, we use this AI technology for placeholder content only to help us understand things like time and location early in development,” the developer wrote. “Then we collaborate with real actors whose performances are essential in bringing our stories to life.”

Automated voice acting is becoming more and more common in the entertainment industry. On the television side, The Mandalorian showrunners opted to synthesize Luke Skywalker’s voice using old clips of Mark Hamill, rather than cast a new actor in the role.

However, it is unclear how much of an impact this AI technology will have on the video game voice acting industry. According to the report, some actors are concerned that studios adopting Altered AI will put actors out of work and reduce the quality of vocal performances. But supporters of the technology argue that it could create more work for actors. As an example, one studio reportedly planned not to have any voice acting in their game, until they opted to use AI instead.

Regardless of Altered AI’s future impact, we know that Hellblade 2 will have human voice actors behind its performances when it comes to Xbox Series X|S. We don’t have a release date yet, but in the meantime, you can check out 6 minutes of Hellblade 2 gameplay from last year’s Game Awards.

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