Have you been using MTN Hourly Bundle for downloads?

Depending on your data needs, or what you want to download at the time, you may find hourly data plans attractive. Most of the time, you may find the need to download a huge movie or file, instead of using your normal data, hourly data will be adequate for that.

MTN Hourly Data Plans Affordable time-based data plans that provide a great internet experience and access to all internet services and more value for money. You can get 2 GB for N200, 5 GB for N500, or 10 GB for N1000, depending on what you want.

Package per hour MTN
package category Data volume Price (N) Validity of use
2 GB per hour package 2GB 200 1 hour
5 GB per hour package 5GB 500 1 hour
10 GB per hour package 10GB 1000 1 hour

How to subscribe

To subscribe, you can text the package keyword to 312 or dial *312*1# and select the preferred plan you wish to subscribe to.


The duration of all plans is only 1 hour after which you will be disconnected from the network.

MTN Hourly Package FAQ

Q. Can I buy multiple packages per hour?

A. Yes, you will be able to purchase any of the hourly packages multiple times, however subsequent purchases will be queued so if you purchase both packages you will have 2 hours and the second hour will start counting immediately. the first 1 hour runs out.

Q. I received a popup menu to choose ‘unique’ or ‘Buy for a friend’ when activating an hourly MTN package. What does this mean?

A. The popup menu is a feature that allows you to purchase the package by the hour as a one-time purchase or “Buy for a Friend” i.e.

  • One-time purchase means your hourly package will not automatically renew after the expiration date.
  • The “Buy for a Friend” option allows you to purchase an hourly package for another line with your airtime.

Note: Hourly packages are only available as “single packages”. You can purchase multiple packs at any time to keep using the packs by the hour.

Q. When does the allotted time start?

A. The timer starts once you successfully purchase any of the hourly packs.

Q. Can I use my hourly plan while roaming?

A. No, you will be able to use the hourly package for all data activities in Nigeria ONLY.

Q. How do I check the balance of my MTN hourly package?

A. You can check the balance of your data package through the following channels:

  • SMS: send text messages from 2 to 323
  • USSD: dialing *312*4# (for main and bonus data package), or *310#
  • myMTN NG App
  • myMTN website
  • chatbot

Q. If I have multiple hourly packages active, which package will run out first?

A. If you have multiple hourly packages active on your line, the package with the closest expiration will be used first.

Finally, you will be able to transfer your unused hourly data package only if you subscribe to another hourly data package.