Haunted Chocolatier’s Bee Boss follows a long tradition in gaming

Boss fights have always been a staple of the video game industry, since its inception. In the early days of gaming, bosses were used in various arcade fighting games as a means of providing a distinct and meaningful challenge, while on the tabletop side, Dungeons and Dragons popularized the idea of ​​having a supremely powerful enemy at the end of a series of dungeons. Over the years there have been countless different boss designs, ranging from bright and colorful like those found in the Mario series to the dark and imposing, like those of Dark souls. haunted chocolatierThe newly revealed boss definitely fits into the first category.


Powered by ConcernedApe, the solo developer behind the immensely popular stardew valley, haunted chocolatier follows a game structure similar to stardew, but unlike a farm, the player runs a candy store. During the night, however, they will have to search for a large number of ingredients, some of which can only be obtained by defeating a boss, such as the recently revealed bee boss, which is just the latest in a long line of bees. related bosses.

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A long tradition of bee bosses

Video game bosses can take many forms, from Norse gods and dragons to inanimate objects, but by far one of the most prominent boss forms in all of gaming is animals, and in particular insects and other small creatures. Spiders often occupy the largest presence, appearing as bosses in a variety of franchises, ranging from The legend of Zelda a LIMBObut just below the spiders is the unassuming bee.

Although bees are an essential part of the Earth’s ecosystem and are generally considered to be quite friendly animals, the video game industry tends to paint them in a more violent light. However, there’s no denying that bees are also pretty cute little creatures, so their place as a video game boss is often limited to titles with a brighter, more familiar art style and stone.

Some of the most iconic bee bosses in gaming come from the donkey kong country series, where all bosses take the form of an animal or insect. Acting as the leader of the Zingers, Queen B. is donkey kong countryThe third boss of Y takes the appearance of a giant bee, with spikes along its back. To defeat Queen B., Donkey Kong needs to hit them five times per barrel, with each hit turning the bee red and granting them a brief moment of resistance. The sequel, Donkey Kong Country 2sees a bee boss named King Zing join the fray, who is defeated after the player fires an egg at his stinger multiple times.

Skipping forward a few years, terrariums features a rather memorable bee boss fight, with his version of the insect adopting the similar title, Queen Bee. Players can summon Queen Bee by breaking bee hives in the underground jungle or by using the Abeemination item. Queen Bee’s defining trait is that she fires a volley of poisonous stingers when she is attacked by the player.

More recently, the wonderfully elegant cup head added its own entry in the long history of bee-based bosses. Called Rumor Honeybottoms, this boss is a bit more stylized than the others mentioned above. In agreement with cup headArt style inspired by 1920s animation, Rumor Honeybottoms, is an anthropomorphic bee, with a human-like face brandishing red lipstick. During the second phase of the boss fight, after the arena fills with honey, Honeybottoms turns into a plane and proceeds to fire rockets at the player.

Though haunted chocolatierThe bee boss is a bit cuter, it might end up being just as memorable as these other bosses.

haunted chocolatier is in development.

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